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In a land adjacent lớn Sabởi Island on the Japan Sea lies the northern province of Echigo. In the highlands, as much as đôi mươi feet of snow can accumulate over the winter. It is said that there are people who have been buried there and have sầu not been found until spring. The people from the South say that those of the North take so much saghé that they see snow-covered trees as women. But the people of the North have sầu always known about the story of Yuki Onna, the Snow Ghost.

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In the northern province was the village of Hoi. Hoi was so small it had only 12 houses; its people were very poor. One of the residents, a man named Kyuzaetháng, was doubly unfortunate because aside from being poor, he had just recently lost his wife & son. One late afternoon on the 19th of January of the third year of Tem-po (1833), a terrible storm hit the small village. All the residents hid inside their homes & tried to stay as warm as they could, including lonely Kyuzaetháng.

Yuki-onmãng cầu (雪女, the snow woman) from the Hyakkai-Zukan (百怪図巻), circa 1737.

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Around 11 in the evening, Kyuzaetháng was abruptly awakened by a loud rapping on his door. Disoriented and bewildered, he remained in bed until he heard another rapping & the gentle voice of a girl. Kyuzaemon immediately jumped out of bed thinking one of his neighbors’ children needed help. As he reached the door, Kyuzaemon hesitated but he heard the voice calling out again. He called out, “Who are you? What vì you want?”

The voice answered, “mở cửa the door! Open the door!”

Kyuzaemon then replied, “mở cửa the door?! That will be most unlikely until I know who you are và what you are doing out so late on such a night.”

The voice continued khổng lồ plead and said she was not after food or bedding, only shelter until the storm passed. But Kyuzaemon would still not let the stranger inside his home. As he was turning to lớn return lớn his bed, Kyuzaetháng was surprised to lớn see the woman standing beside it, dressed in trắng with her hair down her baông chồng. She did not look lượt thích a ghost – her face was pretty & she seemed to lớn be about 25 years of age. The woman introduced herself as Oyasu, the late daughter of Yazaetháng, who lived in the next village and married another woman, Izaburo, leaving Oyasu’s father lớn live sầu alone when Oyasu passed. Her spirit could not rest until her husbvà returned lớn her father khổng lồ care for hyên ổn. The spirit of Oyasu left as promised when the storm passed. Kyuzaetháng discovered that she had gone khổng lồ her husband, who decided it was wrong of him khổng lồ leave his father-in-law all alone and, so, soon returned lớn hlặng.

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They say, “all those who die by the snow and cold become spirits of snow, appearing when there is snow; just as the spirits of those who are drowned in the sea only appear in stormy seas.”

Even lớn the present day, in the north, priests say prayers khổng lồ appease the spirits of those who have sầu died in the snow, và khổng lồ prsự kiện them from haunting people who are connected with them.

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