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A frikết thúc of mine loves his old iPhone 5 because of the small body of the phone. He wants to lớn tăng cấp but isn't a fan of the larger phones in his pocket. I thought I heard of a light or "youth" version of one if the Xiaomi phones that was coming out soon that had a 5.something inch screen.

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Did I make this up?


It's 5.97 inches so technically the truth. It would be better to lớn just compare phone form size (W x L x H) as the iphone has quite large bezels with a small screen (4.5 inches?)

Yup. Iphone 6s has a 4.7" screen at 67milimet wide. Mi 9 se has 6" at 70.5mm

The size seem khổng lồ be roughly 70mm for the old 5/5.5", and 75mm for the 6". The last Xiaomày phone that was less than 68mm was the Redmày 2 in năm ngoái.

And the iPhone 5?58.6milimet wide. Almost nothing that small anymore.

Those are still really big compared khổng lồ the iPhone 5, seems even 5,5" is considered small these days whereas they were called phablets only a few years ago.

Haven't seen anything smaller than Redmi 6 lately.

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The only semi-current phone that comes cthua khổng lồ the iPhone 5 kích cỡ is the Sony Xperia xz2 compact.Although the shape is nothing like the iPhone 5 & the price is substantially higher than the xiaongươi mi a2 lite (that is the current smallest decent budget phone from xiaomi).

The closest current smartphone that gives the iPhone's flat sided feel with kinda-compact by today's standards size, is the Nokia 7.1 (5.8inch display). The Nokia 7.1 is almost identical in screen và body toàn thân form size to lớn the Xiaongươi Mi A2 lite.

I would say to tell your friover lớn look in a store a chạy thử Nocơ 7.1 and a Xiaongươi Mi A2 lite in order to lớn see if the form size fits his likings (I don't know where you are from, in Greece you can find chạy thử units & play around from both brands in most major retailers).

In summary:Nokia 7.1, closest shape & feel, 5.8 inch display with a notch.Sony Xperia XZ2 compact, smallest recent flagship-speced device from Sony with a pebble-ish in hvà feel, 5 inch display without a notch.Xiaomi Mi A2 lite, by far the cheapest of the 3, almost identical kích cỡ khổng lồ the Nokia 7.1 but different feel in hvà, 5.8 inch display with a notch.

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Also I'll put it here because it hasn't come out yet (the global version might possibly be available in the next months), the Xiaongươi Mi 9 SE.It has a 6 inch OLED display và it is slightly smaller that both, the Mi A2 lite and the Nocơ 7.1, but the in hand feel most probably will not feel lượt thích an iPhone 5.

Personally I'm eyeing the Mi 9 SE like crazy at the moment with its more than decent specs, manageable kích cỡ, wide angle camera, possibly great display và ok battery capađô thị. For around 300 euro seems lượt thích a really good offer in the current smartphone market!

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