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Wondering where to lớn place boomboxes in Believer Beach in Fortnite? The lakiểm tra big Fortnite update – Chapter 2 Season 7 – switched up the maps a little bit, not to lớn mention adding all sorts of alien paraphernalia to lớn each game, including powerful Fortnite alien weapons và ufos that you can hop in & take for a ride.

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What was once Sweaty Sands has been transformed into lớn Believer Beach – a much nicer name, if you ask us. You’ll be packing your beach towel và sunglasses & heading over here as part of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week three legendary challenges, as one of them tasks you with placing boomboxes in the vicinity. These legendary challenges are for battle pass owners; new ones arrive each week, so make sure you kiểm tra these challenges off before they expire.

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If you’re looking for help with the other legendary challenges this week, we’ve got a Fortnite NPC locations guide lớn help you find Sunny, Joey or Beach Brutus, a guide on where to place welcome signs in Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake, the lowdown on where to lớn place Fortnite alien light communication devices, and where tocollect the cát foodfrom.

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Where to lớn place Fortnite boomboxes

The Fortnite Believer Beach boombox locations are:

By the sun loungers on the eastern side of the beach in Believer BeachCthất bại lớn the abandoned bus near the RV park on the main road through Believer Beach

Once you’ve placed your boomboxes down & regaled the beachgoers with your tunes, check out our Fortnite cosmic chestsguide andFortnite alien artifacts locations guide,so you can customise your Fortnite Kymera skin.

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