Vsmart honoured as best vietnamese phone brand at tech awards 2020


On January 8, Vinsmart Research and Manufacture Joint Stock Company (Vingroup) was honoured lớn be the Best Vietnamese Phone Brvà at Tech Awards 20trăng tròn. Vsmart Aris Pro và Vsmart Live 4 phone products won a "hat trick" when they were recognized in 3 categories: Technology Trkết thúc Leading Phone; Best Popular Phone & Innovative sầu Technology Product 2020.

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Vsmart was honoured as the Best Vietnamese Phone Br& at Tech Awards 2020

Tech Awards 2020 is the leading prestigious giải pháp công nghệ award in VN, held annually since 2012 with the participation of more than 30 million VnExpress newspaper’s readers & the evaluation of experts through 2 rounds during 2 months, the Tech Awards event honours the best products & technologies of 20đôi mươi & the công nghệ trends of 2021.

Excellently overcoming a series of “competitors” with long history of development, Vsmart phone brvà with only more than 2 years of age in their first participation has made a rare "poker" in the technology circle with 4 awards. Specifically, the Vsmart brand was awarded "Best Vietnamese Phone"; Vsmart Aris Pro sản phẩm was honoured to receive the "double" award of "Technology trend leading phone" and "Innovative Technology Product in 2020"; và the "Best popular phone" award was awarded to Vsmart Live 4.

These achievements were the results ofVinSmart"simpressive 20trăng tròn development year when it continuously researchedvà applied breakthrough technologies into its products.

Vsmart Aris Pro,in particular, is a high-over phone mã sản phẩm featuringmodern technologies such as Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) chip và FIDO2 soft key for data security. The model owns the pioneering technology of Camera Under Display (CUD) & VCam Kristal photography technology developed by the VinAI Research Institute (a member of Vingroup). This is a photography giải pháp công nghệ using artificial intelligence that allows taking photos with the best quality without displaying the camera on the interface, bringing maximum edge-to-edge screen and perfect beauty for the product. CUD has only been applied and commercialised successfully in a few smartphone series in the world.

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Vsmart Live 4 with the title "Best Popular Phone" is a sản phẩm that marks 100 per cent autonomy in retìm kiếm và production, with all hardware thiết kế, operating system and production are done by VinSmartteam of engineers. Being recognized as "Excellent Vietnamese Phone Brand" is clear evidence that Vsmart phone lines have sầu been trusted by consumers with their product quality và competitive prices in the market.

Mrs. Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup cum General Director of VinSmart shared: “These impressive achievements not only show the love sầu of consumers but also the recognition of experts for the results that VinSmart Company has gained with its efforts in the last two years. In its development strategy for the upcoming period, VinSmart will build a comprehensive sầu giải pháp công nghệ ecosystem with 3 core sản phẩm segments, includingSmart thành phố, Smart home, và Smart Service (Digital service). 2021 will be the year that VinSmart gradually completes the products và applies giải pháp công nghệ to bring a comfortable và modern life lớn serve sầu customers in đất nước hình chữ S và the world market.


Only after 2 years of launch, the Vsmart phone lines are well received by consumers with their product unique and competitive prices.

Since its launch in December 2018 up to lớn now, VinSmart has introduced 18 điện thoại thông minh models and 5 smart TV models to lớn the market. According khổng lồ data from GfK, sales of Vsmart phones have sầu grown strongly since the beginning of 2020, reaching the Top 3 Mobile phone market cốt truyện in VN. In 2020, VinSmart is the first Vietnamese company to lớn successfully produce terminals supporting 5G giải pháp công nghệ, making Việt Nam the 5th country in the world lớn master this giải pháp công nghệ. During the peak period of Covid-19 epidemic in Việt Nam, VinSmart also successfully researched và manufactured respirators, thermometers as well as manufactured respirator components for Medtronic firms to export khổng lồ the US and Irel&. In addition, in the fourth quarter of 2020, VinSmart also successfully deployed a comprehensive SmartCity solution for 3 major urban areas of Vinhomes Riverside including Vinhomes Grand Park (Ho Chi Minch City), Vinhomes Ocean Park & Vinhomes Riverside Smart City (Hanoi).

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The successes recorded in 20đôi mươi not only demonstrate its strong effort in mastering the most advanced core technology but also are a solid step for VinSmart to lớn accelerate development in the new year 2021 with a new strategy & plan to exp& its coverage lớn the world.

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