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Dozens of musicians have given the Old Pueblo a special shout-out in their songs and we have compiled a list of some you may have heard before. 

Maybe they were inspired by"s vibe, or maybe they needed a word that rhymed with "boots on." Either way, these 31 songs that have the word "" in them are good enough to make a cactus sway.

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Lyric: "Some find it in the scripture or a Polaroid picture / Or flip a coin, heads, you"re goin" to, Arizona"

Release date: 2020

Fun fact: The song was written by Brad Clawson, Brock Berryhill, Greylan James and Jamie Paulin. Chesney said the first time he heard it, it made him smile.

Music video by Melissa Etheridge performing You Can Sleep While I Drive. (C) 2001 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Melissa Etheridge

Music video by George Strait performing The Seashores Of Old Mexico. (C) 2006 MCA Nashville, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

George Strait

Lyric: "I left out of with no destination in mind"

Release date: Feb. 13, 2006

Fun fact: The song was written by Merle Haggard and first recorded by Hank Snow in 1971. Strait took it to #11 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Lyric: "She called from a truck stop / In, Arizona / With amazing grace..."

Release date: November 2008

Fun fact: The song is a moderate up-tempo song accompanied by electric guitar. It describes the love for a preacher"s daughter.

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Goin" Back To · The Supersuckers

The Evil Powers Of Rock "n" Roll


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Lyric: "Going back to, Going back to where things went wrong..."

Release date: 1999

Fun fact: The song is from the album, "The evil Powers of Rock "n" Roll"

Lyric: "Just to show her a man can change / Now my baby"s coming in on the train."

Release date: May 30, 2019

Fun fact: The song is on his new album "Western Stars," which comes out on June 14, 2019. 

Lyric: "Stay, and play that Blink-182 song/That we beat to death in, OK"

Release date: July 29, 2016

Fun fact: This song was inspired by the Blink-182"s 2004 hit "Miss You." We may have just solved the mystery about what Blink song was overplayed on their tour bus in

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Must Be Losing My Mind · Brett Dennen


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Brett Dennen

Lyric: "Burned out in the lawn in, Arizona/With the scavengers on 4th Avenue"

Release year: 2011

Fun Fact: Brett Dennen is an American pop/folk singer who loads up a lot of modern day references in this song.

Lyric: "I made it out to where I turned my truck around/I started barreling down that highway boy, back to that Texas town"

Release year: 2007

Fun Fact: The singer had some roots momentarily when a "Toby Keith"s I Love This Bar and Grill" opened in the Mall on New Year"s Eve, 2012. He then turned "back to that Texas town" when the restaurant closed about 14 months later.

Lyric: "Got to in the dark/Keeping an eye out for the law/Five hundred miles or more from a broken heart"

Release year: 2006

Fun fact: Can"t get enough Los Lobos? The band runs a "Classic Live Lobos" section on their website where you can watch past performances.

Lyric: "Mansonite and the Wolfman, Katmandu, and Honest Abe/Something happens up in and then it happens again in Maine"

Release year: 2005

Fun Fact: Singer Devendra Banheart was raised for most of his childhood in Venezuela before moving to Los Angeles with his mother and stepfather at the age of 14. 

Lyric: "There"s no telling I was so confused/I try but I can"t help you choose/ is so far away"

Release year: 1989

Fun fact: This song was part of the Wayne"s World 2 soundtrack. Party on!

Lyric: "I said take this child, Lord, From Arizona/Give her the wings to fly through harmony/And she won"t bother you no more"

Release date: August 1987

Fun Fact: Part of the song was written for Linda Ronstadt — about her life growing up in She also contributes to the backing vocals.

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Lyric: "Hush little baby, don"t you cry/When we get to you"ll see why/ We left the snowstorms and the thunder and rain/For the desert sun, we"re gonna be born again"

Release year: 1984

Not so fun fact: The song is featured in The Pretenders" third studio album, "Learning to Crawl," which was produced after two of the band"s four original members died from drug overdoses.

Lyric: "I begged her not to go away/She left my ex best friend out in old me she was leavin" and would be rollin on."

Release year: 1981

Fun Fact: The band has appeared on a few television shows over their 40+ years in the business, including hosting an episode of WWE Raw.

Lyric: "I picked last night in I sang "em a country song/Missed my plane this morning Lord cause we parted all night long"

Release date: March 1975

Fun Fact: Pride has been part-owner of the Texas Rangers since 2010. At 82, he also takes time off to work out with the team at their spring training facility in Surprise. 

Lyric: "And I"ve been from to Tucumcari, Tehachapi to Tonopah/Driven every kind of rig that"s ever been made"

Release year: 1974

Fun fact: The song was originally written and performed by the American rock band, Little Feet. Ronstadt is a native to, so it"s seems pretty fitting she has her own rendition of the song.

Check out this Ronstadt throwback from the Arizona Daily Star"s archive.


Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys at Minus One Coffeehouse on 6th Street Nov. 24, 1966.

Mark Godfrey / Citizen

Here"s what her band, The Stone Poneys, has to say about their sound in 1966: "It"s folk music because we"re folks and it"s our music."

Lyric: "We left out of with no destination in mind/We were runnin" from trouble and the jail-term the Judge had in mind"

Release year: 1974

Fun fact: There is a duet version of the song featuring Haggard and Willie Nelson. In fact they recorded a whole album together titled "Seashores of Old Mexico."

Lyric: "Jojo left his home in, Arizona For some California grass"

Release date: April 11, 1969

Fun fact: When released as a single as part of the Beatles" final studio album "Let it Be," the song hit number one in the U.S. and international charts. 

Bonus fact: Paul McCartney"s first wife, Linda, studied at the University of Arizona in Fine Arts. They married in 1969, the same year "Get Back" was recorded. The couple bought ranch property in in 1979 and lived here for several years until Linda"s death in 1998.

Lyric: "Out in Arizona just south of tumbleweeds tumble in search of a home/There"s a town they call Tombstone where the brave never cry"

Release year: 1959

Fun fact: This song is more about Tombstone than it is about But hey, it"s Johnny Cash singing about the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral, so we"ll deal.

Relevant Lyrics: Arizona... Casa Grandes over my shoulder / And these evenin" feelin"s come so strong

Release Year: 1975

Relevant lyrics: Half a mile from / By the morning light / One man gone and another to go / My old buddy you"re moving much too slow

Release year: 1972

Sample lyrics: Gotta see the lights of / Gotta pack, come on, get a move on / Gotta see the lights of / Ain"t coming back / Wheels, get a move on

Release year: 1970 

Sample lyrics: No one wants to go down to in the summer / So this time the boss chose me

Go on and send me down to and I"ll get the job done

Release year: 1979

Relevant lyrics: Down way there"s a small café / Where they play a little cowboy tune.

Release year: 1979

Relevant lyrics: All roads lead back to / Pray, Maria I don"t find the noose on

Release year: 2004

Relevant lyrics: Womit spielen kleine Mädchen heute, hier und dort und da, (What do little girls play today, here and there and there,) Und in (And in), Arizona; Toronto, Canada.

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Release year: 1985

Relevant lyrics: These directions say we go to, Arizona / When we arrive we"ll cop a place we can bunk

Release year: 1998

Relevant lyrics: I wanted to be there by May at the latest time. Isn"t that the plan we had or have you changed your mind? I haven"t read a word from you since Phoenix or April is over will you tell me how long before I can be there?

Release year: 1987

Sample lyrics:, Arizona / Rising in the heat like a / Mirage / Tony keeps his Chevy / Like a virgin locked in / His garage

Release year: 1984

Sample lyrics: Tonight on a plane bound for Dallas / I see the bright lights of below / Shining on all of the memories / I thought I"d finally let go

For leavin" too soon / At the time it was something that I just had to do / But tonight face to face with that old desert moon / It seems I left too soon

Release year: 1996


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform during their River Tour show on Jan. 19, 2016 at the United Center in Chicago, Ill. (Nuccio D… Water and its artist-in-residence have released a "Monsoon Mixtape" by local musicians that features — and celebrates — the sounds of our summer storms.