Samsung galaxy note5 codes / tricks / secret menu / hidden mode


When Samsung finally ditched the plastic for the metal-and-glass unibody of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, we knew there was no turning baông chồng. The Korean smartphone maker would have to lớn use the same premium look & feel akin lớn Apple"s iPhones for its other flagship devices, as the market dem& for expensive-looking smartphones has forced Samsung to vì so.

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Earlier this month, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy cảnh báo 5 in all its aluminum và glass glory, making it the first device in Samsung"s line of big-screen lưu ý smartphones to lớn finally vì chưng away with the cheap plastic build. Naturally, comparisons were made, with the nicer-looking cảnh báo 5 always coming out on top of its predecessors.

One guy, however, took his comparison to lớn the next cấp độ with a series of drop tests to see just how the new phablet will fare when dropped compared khổng lồ the Note 4, cảnh báo 3, cảnh báo 2 and chú ý 1 all wrapped in their plastic cases.

YouTube channel TechRax has postedomain authority video demonstrating the drop tests và their results. There are 10 drop tests all in all, two for each of the five sầu smartphones. These consist of a side drop thử nghiệm, during which the phone is dropped on its side, and the more fearsome front-facing drop kiểm tra, where the phone is dropped on its Gorilla Glass-covered face on the floor. All tests are done from five sầu feet off the ground, a height which TechRax believes is reasonable for drop tests.

The results are surprising. The cảnh báo 5, being the lademo và supposedly most durable phone in the series, suffered just a couple of cracks on its screen. The bachồng is another story, which isn"t so surprising, since glass is a brittle material that breaks easily.

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However, the phone did not vì chưng so well when dropped on its face. Although the screen shows the least number of cracks aao ước all five sầu smartphones, there appears a huge, white, triangle of space on the lower right of the display. And though the phone can still be powered on & off, the drop has rendered the lưu ý 5 useless, as there is pretty much nothing that can be done with the damaged display.

The same holds true for the first and second-generation Notes, which both displayed color distortions on the side tests before going on khổng lồ become useless after the front drop tests. The cảnh báo 1 and cảnh báo 2 also suffered more cracks than the Note 5.

What is unusual, though, & quite embarrassing for the lưu ý 5, is that the lưu ý 3 and the Note 4 remain wholly functional after both drop tests. Although both phones suffered more cracks on the screen than the cảnh báo 5, there are no color distortions on the display và they still work fine even after being dropped five feet off the ground.

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Ahy vọng all five smartphones, the cảnh báo 3, the middle child, actually bested out all the other handsets, having acquired the least number of cracks và remaining in perfect working order after the drop tests.