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Animated 3 chiều chibi animation of the top of the New Goddess VNG is an attractive highlight that any gamer must enjoy while experiencing.

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In the last days of April 2020, VNG publisher officially opened a pet named Tan Than Dieu VNG. On the first day of launch, the game received a lot of tư vấn from the gaming community, especially those who love sầu the swordplay genre of Kyên Dung.


If you vì chưng not know, the new God of Condor VNG is the sequel of The Return of the Condor Heroes that debuted in Vietnam giới in năm 2016. Especially both are formed under the talented hands of the great Perfect World. Rethành viên at the time of launch, after only a few hours, the number of people participating in The Return of the Condor Heroes quickly increased rapidly lớn the point of dizziness, causing all roads to lớn be overloaded. The map fell inkhổng lồ the scene of more people than monsters, extremely bustling.

Following that success, the new blockbuster Tan Than Dieu VNG is considered as the trump card of this NPH next to the product Tan Tieu Ngao Giang Ho điện thoại in the Chinese market. Also on the day of launch, the number of people seems lớn be more crowded than the brothers. Those who "accidentally" arrived are all attracted to this world of swordplay.


At the beginning of the game, it must be said that Tan Than Dieu VNG is quite successful when it is quite difficult lớn do so that most players must be curious khổng lồ see the full story. At this stage in many games of the same genre, most gamers cliông chồng through very quickly.

Like an animated movie, the world of New God of Condor VNG begins with two extremely xinh đẹp little birds, but after a few seconds we realize that it is the "god of god" that is so familiar in the novel Dai Hiep of Kyên ổn Dung. Ms. Long - Duong Too is the main character couple appearing in the story. They love sầu each other, roam the place of wandering & raise young birds right from the childhood until they become giant beasts, protecting their owners from devotion.


"I want khổng lồ be the child of the Child. He likes me, I like hyên ổn . ". Listen to this sentence sure you know who said it?

Throughout the game is the story of the legend of the Return of the Condor Heroes, interwoven with the bold colors of the "love language" of the two characters Co Long - Duong Qua. You seem khổng lồ be watching a real swordplay movie with a thrilling episode with a nice voiceover and every word, every single word of the character is interesting enough, making the community difficult but mute it.

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In parallel, Tan Than Dieu VNG attracted attention at first sight through a very reasonable game interface và extremely lovely Q-Style character thiết kế style. The surrounding surroundings such as houses, trees, strongholds, etc. are created by Perfect World in a cartoon-style style, bringing an extremely harmonious look with the character. The world of swordplay is varied, colorful, even the most difficult gamers have sầu lớn say 1 word: Beautiful!


Great Great Song Tu was officially released by Gamota on 24/4 with Altrộn Test version & this period lasts until April 26.

In the game, players will have many character classes to lớn choose from including: Tantric, Dali, Co Mo, Dao Hoa, Cai Bang và Bach Da. Each clan has 3 characters khổng lồ choose from, each character uses different weapons & it is quite strange. Typically we often see Cai Bang often using trade, in the New God Sculptures VNG also has a bow và a người. This seems to evolve sầu differently than normal and also creates curiosity for a large number of gamers who like to lớn explore.


Tan Than Quyen VNG is a turn-based game with a style similar to TS Online or Yin Yang Su, . Players collect generals lớn accompany them in battles, there will be 2 rows when fighting, below is the character & above sầu is the treasure. It is known that this game belongs lớn the role-playing genre combined with general card battle, there will be 2 types of summoning charms for players to lớn try their luông chồng, 1 time summon charm 1 character that is easy to lớn collect & 1 time sumtháng amulet Characters are harder to lớn find. The rate of rotation of this time is relatively good, during the experience, with 2 charms 1-5, the player can have sầu a full range of AS generals khổng lồ give a reasonable formation for themselves.


Unfortunately, the game does not have an acceleration mode, making fights longer than usual.

The game follows the story of the Return of the Condor Heroes so the player has the opportunity lớn meet many familiar characters such as: Duong Qua, Tieu Long Nu, Quach Tinc, Lam Trieu Anh, Vuong Trung Duong, . The characters have sầu personality. Own và unique adventure stories. The plot of the entire series of Three Sculptures will gradually appear for you khổng lồ explore during your adventure.


In particular, the community interaction is very good when the characters can team up to fight against each other, just like real role-playing games.

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In general, Tan Than Dieu VNG is quite good for gamers who lượt thích the role-playing general thẻ genre to choose khổng lồ make a new land khổng lồ explore và explore because each mission will follow an interesting story, as well as the side effects. Net is a supplementary version và a normal level up like many products of the same category.

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