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Samsung Smart Switch is an easy-to-use tool for transferring content from other smartphones to lớn Samsung điện thoại devices.

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What"s New


Samsung Smart Switch is an easy-to-use tool for transferring content from other smartphones to Samsung Mobile devices.

Seamless, Time-saving Content Transfer

Other content transfer tools are time consuming. Smart Switch offers a simple, do-it-yourself migration tool that you can install at home. With Smart Switch, you can transfer your personal data, truyền thông media and apps with one service, without having khổng lồ use multiple tools.

Simple, Do-it-Yourself

With Smart Switch’s easy-to-use, intuitive sầu content transfer tool, you have sầu the freedom lớn switch from other điện thoại thông minh platforms without fear of losing your personal nội dung. You can transfer personal nội dung và apps from the comfort of your own home page and at your own time.

Maintain Control of Your Lifestyle

Most people are unaware of the universe of apps available on Samsung smartphones. For example, there are more than 700,000 apps available on Google Play. Within this large universe of apps, Smart Switch helps you find your favorite apps so that you vì chưng not have sầu khổng lồ tìm kiếm for them individually. Smart Switch gives you the peace of mind that your apps have been transferred.

Free Content Transfer Service, Easy Download

Just Download, Click và Go: Smart Switch is up và running in seconds, allowing you lớn transfer content easily và with no cost or fees.

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Upgrade your Samsung Galaxy phone with fast & easy content transfer

Smart Switch thiết bị di động offers you the easiest, faskiểm tra and safest way lớn transfer data from your old lớn new Galaxy smartphone. You can transfer content such as music, video clip, photos, memos, messages, contacts, calendar & other documents stored in your phone.

What"s New:

Windows version updated khổng lồ 4.2.21034.7Android version updated to lớn version updated lớn

For Android:

Smart Switch di động lets you transfer data between GALAXY phones with ease. Place the devices close together (within 20cm), open the application in both phones and tap Connect button on only one of the devices. You can instantly transfer your personal data between GALAXY phones.

This application uses high frequency audio to lớn establish a connection between devices. You may not be able to connect if the application is not open or the button is not tapped on one of the devices, or if a pair of eaphones or a Bluetooth không dây headmix is connected to the device.

If you are looking lớn switch from a non-Samsung device to lớn a supported Samsung device, please use the "Smart Switch PC" that is PC software. For more information, go khổng lồ here.

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Supported GALAXY Device:

Software : upper Android OS ICS(4.0)

Supported Data:

Contact, Schedule, Memo, Message, Photo, Music, Video, Document, App List, Wallpaper,S-Health,Story album, Lockscreen, hotline logs, WIFI Setting( Wallpaper,S-Health,Story album, Lockscreen, Hotline logs, WIFI setting are available from OS JellyBeanPlus(4.2) ) Document type - DOC,DOCX,PPT,PPTX,XLS,XLSX,PDF,HWPhường,GULConstraintUnsupported fieldContact - Ringtone, Message alert, Vibration patternSchedule - Sticker, S-Memo, Image, Alarm, GroupMMS does not transfer depending on devices.Local Data Only (Google & Samsung Account data does not transferred.)If that does not work on Galaxy S2 OS 4.0.4 version, after the other device"s WIFI is connected, then try again.

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