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Download Beat Blader 3D Mod Ahành động Lachạy thử Version Free for Android to lớn feel the rhythm of your favorite song. Become more skillful và fasten your tốc độ.

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Informamê mẩn Beat Blader 3D Mod APK 1.8.9

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Beat Blader 3D
Android 4.4+
124.00 Mb
All unlocked

Beat Blader 3D is a music app brought lớn you by Amanotes PTE LTD. This is a game to have, and you should tải về it without hesitation because of its offers. You’d love sầu this game if you enjoy rhythm games, and you can rest assured that you’d get the best experience.


In Beat Blader 3 chiều, all you have khổng lồ vị is swipe left và right lớn cut cubes, with respect khổng lồ their position. This implies that you need to be skillful & fast because the game gets harder as you progress. You have four missions to accomplish in this game, & this includes:

Selecting your favorite songsEnjoy the rhythmMonitor the direction of the cubesUse your saber to lớn slash the beats when they come cthua trận, and also avoid obstacles.

What the App Offers

What’s certain about the game is that you’d love sầu it. This is because of the following reasons:

It has a simple & attractive sầu kiến thiết. This is characterized by different songs with different themes and impressive colors.The directions of the game are simple to follow. You just have to lớn swipe.You’d enjoy popular songs, all of which are updated weekly in their original version. This implies that you would enjoy multiple genres, lượt thích Roông chồng, Classic, EDM, and Pop.

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Special level design. There are three levels, each of which offers different songs to test your skilsYou can use both hands to playBetter music experience delivered by catchy rhythm

In addition to lớn these reasons, it is worth mentioning that this is a fun game lớn play. It is also a useful game, & you’d achieve the following when you start playing it:

Compete with other playersImprove your rhythm senseKill time as you relax
Train your brain, and boost your cognitive skillsListen khổng lồ your favorite songs and sing along

Still in doubt? You can only find out more when you tải về & install the game.

Beat Blader 3D Mod Ahành động Free Download

This game is undoubtedly an amazing one to lớn enjoy a unique music experience. With the modified version, you would have access to the following features:

All unlocked

With the modified version, you are certain of enjoying a different type of musical experience.

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Download the lathử nghiệm version of Beat Blader 3 chiều lớn listen khổng lồ your favorite songs now.

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