Street fighter® iv on steam

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a game by Dimps Corporation
Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 Reviews, 2 Reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 12 votes
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I vividly remember the release date of Street Fighter IV! I was not lucky enough to lớn have an arcade around me that had this in so I had to wait for the release. On day one, I was there và picked this up for the Xbox 360. It felt lượt thích it had been forever since we got a new game in the series và it was exactly what I wanted in a new Street Fighter game.

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The In-Between

The setting of the game is very interesting. I feel that with Street Fighter III, fans were kind of divided on the game. I thought it was ok, but when I heard that Street Fighter IV was going lớn take place after Street Fighter II, I knew I was going to love sầu it. The game features many of our returning heroes, but there is a new villain, the cheap SOB that is called Seth.

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Each character has their own little story và overall, I would say that this at the time was the most cinematic of all the Street Fighter games to lớn be released at this point. You will want khổng lồ beat the game with each character so you can experience their story. The game does not give sầu you all the characters at the start. The roster is stacked, but by beating the game with certain characters you can unlock hidden ones.

It Was Like I Was Back In 1992

One of the things that Capcom was very clever with here in Street Fighter II was the way that gamers could play the game. This is a very deep fighting game with some awesome new systems in place such as the focus attacks which with the right timing can give you a devastating counter-attaông xã. Street Fighter IV also has these awesome Ultra Combos that are like a very flashy and over the top way to bring your opponent down.

The thing is, as great as all that is & as much fun as that is lớn learn. You can piông xã your favorite character from Street Fighter II, which in my case is Ken, và play the game just the same way you did back in the day! It made it a game that all Street Fighter fans could embrace & I thought that was very cool.

Flash, Bang, Wallop

I was blown away by the way that Street Fighter IV looked và I think that it still holds up khổng lồ this day. While this is still a 2D fighting game, the characters are big và beefy & have sầu a ton of personality. If you had shown me a picture of this back in 1992 and told me that is what Street Fighter would look at, I would have sầu lost my freaking mind! This game is just pure eye candy và I love sầu how each stage has a ton of stuff going on in the background.

I talked about how cinematic the game was, but one thing I have sầu to give sầu special mention to is the way the characters talk to lớn each other. There is a little bit of trash talk before fights và when you fight your “rival” you get an extended animated scene which is cool.

Street Fighter IV is a truly amazing game. It is a game I loved playing when it first came out and I am sure I would have a great time if I were khổng lồ fire it up now. The thing is, not long after this came out Capcom released Super Street Fighter IV which makes this version of the game kind of pointless….

Shortly after that, Capcom would release Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition which is the ultimate version of this game. Look, on its own, this is great, but you want to get Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition if you truly want to experience this game.


This game is just so much fun lớn playI liked the new “deeper” gameplay mechanicsThe game looks lượt thích a million bucksI really enjoyed how it was more cinematic


Super Street Fighter IV is better than thisAnd Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is better than that!

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