The key vulnerability hackers use to steal facebook accounts and more   – tnn


Hacking Facebook Accounts with just a phone number is possible, experts from Positive Technologies demonstrated it exploiting flaws in the SS7 protocol.

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Hacking Facebook accounts by knowing phone numbers it is possible, a group of researchers from Positive sầu Technologies demonstrated it.

“Researchers have proven just that by taking control of a Facebook tài khoản with only a phone number & some hacking skills lớn exploit the SS7 network, a core piece of telecoms infrastructure shown to lớn be vulnerable repeatedly over the last half decade.” reported a blog post published on Forbes.

The hackers exploit a flaw in the SS7 protocol for hacking Facebook accounts just by knowing a victim’s phone number. The technique allows bypassing any security measure implemented by the giant of the social networks.

SS7 is a mix of protocols used in telecommunications ever since the late 1970s, enabling smooth transportation of data without any breaches.

The security issue in the SS7 signalling system could be exploited by criminals, terrorists và intelligence agencies lớn spy on communications. The SS7 protocol allows cell phone carriers to collect location data related to lớn the user’s device from cell phone towers & share it with other carriers, this means that exploiting the SS7 a carrier is able lớn discover the position of its customer everywhere he is.

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The team of researchers from Positive Technologies is the same that recently demonstrated how khổng lồ hack WhatsApp & Telegram accounts by leveraging on the SS7 protocol.

The attaông chồng method devised by the experts from Positive Technologies works against any service that relies on SMS to verify the user accounts, including Gmail & Twitter.


Hacking Facebook accounts is a reality, the attacker first needs to follow the “Forgot account?” procedure by clicking on a liên kết present in the Facebook homepage. At this point, when asked for a phone number or tin nhắn address belonging to lớn the target account, the hacker needs khổng lồ provide the legitimate phone number.

At this point, the attacker can exploit the flaw in the SS7 to hijachồng the SMS containing a one-time passcode (OTP) that is used khổng lồ log in the target’s Facebook tài khoản.

Hacking Facebook accounts is possible only if users have sầu registered a phone number & have sầu authorized Facebook Texts.

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To protect your facebook account vị not link your phone number to lớn social truyền thông sites, instead use emails for the recovery process. Always enable two-factor authentication that uses tin nhắn instead SMS texts for receiving passcodes.

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