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Insomniac"s Spider-Man has it all — Yuri Lowenthal"s Peter Parker, a br& spanking new face, & Insomniac"s loving interpretation of Thành Phố New York City. There"s much to lớn love sầu in Marvel"s Spider-Man. Luckily the loving relationship with Marvel"s Spider-Man is far from over. Now that a follow-up has debuted with Spider-Man: Miles Morales, development on Peter Parker"s next adventure has likely started development.

Here"s all the information that has surfaced about Marvel"s Spider-Man 2.

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When is the Marvel"s Spider-Man 2 release date?

Spider-Man PS4 was released in September 2018 và was announced at E3 năm nhâm thìn, more than two years before its release. It took Insomniac roughly four years lớn create, with development beginning in 2014.

However, given the work that Insomniac has already put inlớn retouching Thủ đô New York with Spider-Man: Miles Morales Spider-Man Remastered, it"s likely that the next Spider-Man game will take less time to lớn develop.

Though Spider-Man 2 has yet lớn be announced – it"s inevitable. Following người assumptions that Peter might have perished between the first Spider-Man game & Miles Morales, Insomniac Creative Director Brian Horton cleared some things up via a PlayStation Blog post.

"Many of you fans have sầu wondered if Peter Parker is OK. Don’t worry, we still have sầu much of Peter’s story left khổng lồ tell," said Horton.

This statement assures that Peter"s story will continue, inadvertently confirming that more Spider-narratives are on the way. Perhaps we can expect a 2022 release date, with the game launching shortly after the next God of War.


Is there a Marvel"s Spider-Man 2 trailer?

This game has yet lớn be announced, so there isn"t a trailer available.

What consoles will Marvel"s Spider-Man 2 be released on?

It"s not yet clear if the Spidey sequel will launch for PS4 & PS5 lượt thích Miles Morales, or if it will be a next-gene exclusive. Sony has yet to say anything conclusive on the matter.

Who are the new heroes in Marvel"s Spider-Man 2?

Spoilers for Spider-Man & Miles Morales ahead.

Based on information from Spider-Man: Miles Morales, it appears that Marvel"s Spider-Man 2 will have dual protagonists of Peter and Miles. Clearly, Miles has gotten a handle on his abilities, enough that he can easily lead his own narrative.

Spider-Man 2 might feature dual narratives, one for Peter & another for Miles, perhaps overlapping the stories at some point. Aside from Miles, Silver Sable could potentially return as a hero. Peter did mention in Spider-Man: Miles Morales that he spent time with her while in Europe.

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One of the big additions in Spider-Man: Miles Morales were the two-person takedowns. We briefly saw these in use when Miles và Phin were working together to take down Roxxon. This takedown style will likely return in Marvel"s Spider-Man 2, but between Peter và Miles.


Who are the villains in Marvel"s Spider-Man 2?

Between the endings of Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, we have ample clues as khổng lồ the villains in the next game. We can assume the villains will be Wilson Fisk, Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Venom (Harry Osborn), và The Lizard (Curt Connors).

Wilson Fisk recently appeared as the codomain authority to lớn a lengthy side quest arc in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In his appearance, Fisk and Miles came to lớn verbal blows. The encounter concluded with Fisk promising "Harlem hasn"t seen the last of me" và other Scooby-Doo villain esque statements. Assuming his promise can be trusted, Fisk could become a personal foe for Miles in the sequel.

The first game leaves Norman in a dark place, he’s resigned as mayor of New York, and he"s growing increasingly desperate to find a cure for his son, Harry Osborn, who has a terminal illness. It becomes increasingly clear that Norman is spiraling inlớn madness. The vast amounts of wealth and lab công nghệ he has access khổng lồ allow hyên lớn pursue more extreme measures lớn help his son.

When MJ sneaks inlớn his lab, she also discovers a prototype mask, blueprints for a hovercraft, and three purple grenades. The signs are clear as day that Norman is developing the Green Goblin persomãng cầu, his hoverboard, and his signature Pumpkin Bombs.

While Norman seems to lớn be undergoing a villainous turn to the Green Goblin, Harry could be the sequel’s Venom. Fans were up in arms about the exclusion of Spidey’s alien suit as an alternate skin, but Insomniac Creative Director Bryan Intihar said they had good reason lớn leave sầu it out.

“I think something lượt thích that suit deserves its day in the spotlight và I think just making it an unlockable suit wouldn’t be doing it justice,” he said in September 2018 interview. “I think it’s one of the best stories in Spider-Man. It’s a complex story that story needs to lớn be told and it needs to be told in the way that Insomniac would tell it.”

Harry could be the best character khổng lồ tell that story with seeing as his và Peter’s relationship is one of the most mysterious in the game và is only really addressed through various journal entries and Easter eggs.


In the first game"s conclusion, Harry is in critical condition, prompting his father lớn place him in a stasis chamber. A black, web-like substance is seen encasing his body toàn thân. The blaông chồng goo is extremely similar to the symbiote fans have sầu seen in the Spider-Man comics and films.

To top this off, Sony re-introduced Venom into lớn the cultural conversation with last year’s movie, featuring Tom Hardy as the classic Spidey villain. With a Venom movie sequel in the works, it makes sense to capitalize on that interest by making him a primary villain in Marvel"s Spider-Man 2.

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When we revisited the plot thread (plot web?) in Spider-Man: Miles Morales" post-credits scene, Curt Connors was present. His brief appearance almost definitely sets him up for a larger role in the sequel. From the blood sample found in the first game, it seems that Connors has already transformed inlớn the Lizard once, he"ll likely return khổng lồ his supervillain persona in the next game.

Are there any Marvel"s Spider-Man 2 leaks?

Yes! There are leaks up the wazoo for Spider-Man 2, hinting at new playable characters. One prominent leak was initially shared on 4Chan then reposted to Reddit. The leak suggested there would be four new playable characters codenamed Purple Bat, Shadow Cat, Vegeta, and Knight Spider. At least that"s the current plan.

The four characters are already written inkhổng lồ the game"s script, so they"ll be available no matter how development goes. However, their playability is allegedly dependant on if Insomniac can get the characters to perkhung properly.

Another Reddit post suggests something different. The post says that in addition khổng lồ Peter, there will only be two playable characters: Knight Spider & Purple Bat. Knight Spider is supposedly code for Miles, while Purple Bat is an unknown entity. The third character will allegedly use lethal attacks like actual guns.

The same leak states that Spider-Man 2 has been in active development since Q2 20trăng tròn.