Slitherio: how to fix lags

Don't let lag in get you down. If you play it right, you can do even better than when the servers are stable.

Lag is the catch of the day every day so far in but you don"t need to get it get you down. Don"t give up in frustration when the servers are so laggy you stop và start moving every half-second--use the lag to lớn your advantage instead!
It may seem impossible to lớn use the game"s gimpy servers to your advantage, but desperate times Điện thoại tư vấn for desperate measures. Those measures being changing the way to play based on how laggy the game is.

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If you can learn how to play well when the servers are so laggy it hurts, you can easily get your highest scores yet. I reached my personal best, over 58,000 in kích cỡ, this weekend and the lag is downright awful. Nonetheless my average (non-early death) finishing sizes are much higher (trăng tròn,000+) than normally (12000+).

Gimme some o" them snake guts.

Telling which type of lag you"re getting

There are two types of lag is currently riddled: graphical & hệ thống.

Graphical lag is caused by your hardware (phone, tablet, or PC) not being powerful enough to run the game well. You can tell it"s this by whether or not the game slows down when you"re near a bunch of snakes, large snakes, or when snakes boost.

Server lag occurs when the servers are too full and/or your ping is high. The more players there are, the harder the servers have lớn work. The game"s current servers are under massive sầu load.

You can tell this is the issue when the game stops và starts repeatedly, even when in an empty area. Other snakes will sometimes move sầu jerkily and seem lớn often run straight inlớn other snakes for no reason, & it takes a half second or so for your movements to happen.

This guide is going to focus on playing with hệ thống lag, which can be pretty awesome if you know what lớn vì. There is no adjusting how you play for graphical lag because you are the only one experiencing it--while hệ thống lag affects everyone else on the map.

Becoming one with the lag

I vày my best when the servers are at their worst. Not because I"m amazing (I am) but because most people don"t know how to lớn handle themselves when playing a game with high ping. You always need lớn think two steps ahead, & it"s not all that hard.

There"s a little extra time to think between actions when the servers are lagging. You"re lagging, you hate it. But everyone else is going through the same thing và hating it, too. So what should you do?

Keep an eye out for what"s around you

This is even more important when playing during heavy lag. Since the game is chugging, take the time lớn look around for:

Small to lớn medium-kích cỡ snakes going directly straight - Inexperienced players don"t zig-zag & coil up enough as it is, và during lag they have an even tougher time. It"s easier khổng lồ boost up and side-swipe someone during these times và you will often see some snakes just slither right into others because of lag.Look for boosting snakes - Boosting is dangerous when lag is high and snakes are hungry. It"s hard to turn at the right time when the servers are laggy và it"s not uncomtháng to lớn see players boost right into another snake"s butt just because there"s a quarter lớn half second delay. If someone"s boosting in a busy area, follow them và you may just get lucky.Particles & their vicinity to other snakes - You always want to look out for particles, but getting them is a different matter when is laggy. You want khổng lồ get them ASAPhường, but boost with caution. Do not boost towards clusters of particles already cluttered with other snakes.

I"d boost khổng lồ get these normally, but not during periods of intense lag.

Small snakes once you"re at 5000+ size - Just swerve sầu away from them. It"s very easy khổng lồ piông xã off a large snake when it"s laggy and small snakes are all about that. But if you"re a small snake và see a big guy minding his own business, go for it. You"ll have sầu an easier time getting them than you normally would.Look for coiling opportunities - Coiling is a real killer when the servers are fine and it"s even better when they"re laggy. Snakes you coil around will often run inkhổng lồ your body faster than normally because movement timing is different during periods of high lag. Just be careful the lag doesn"t make you ram your face inlớn them instead of the other way around.

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This snake tried khổng lồ boost away but was too laggy khổng lồ maneuver away safely despite having plenty of time too.

It"s all in the timing

Part of what makes playing with lag fun is how much trouble other snakes have controlling themselves & staying alive sầu, but the real fun lies in using it lớn your advantage.

You need lớn keep in mind that all of your actions are going to have sầu a delay. Some delays are longer than others, but the fact remains that most of your movements are not going to happen right when you want them to lớn. You have sầu lớn turn or boost about a half second before you actually want to lớn do it, in order lớn turn or boost at the right time.

Think of it as more a strategy than action game when the lag really is through the roof. You have sầu enough time khổng lồ think a bit before you have to lớn react, which means if you get the timing down you can play even better than when the game is lag-không lấy phí.

Kills are several times easier when the servers are laggy if you pre-emptively move sầu. Other players can"t predict your moves as easily during these times & because of the đầu vào delay, it"s harder for them to lớn react khổng lồ you if you"re being aggressive sầu.

4 of these 5 snakes died a few seconds later. Spoilers: I killed all but the rã one. He just lagged into another snake.

Once you have the timing down & can control yourself well with the input lag you can be exceedingly aggressive when under 3000 size, provided you protect yourself by turning in circles every once in a while lớn give sầu yourself somewhere safe lớn put your head if you get ganged up on. Many players have sầu no idea how khổng lồ maneuver themselves to lớn safety when another snake is boosting around their face

Being defensive

It is very true you can be super aggressive during lag, but there are some ways in particular you need lớn play it safe in order to survive sầu.

Don"t boost towards clusters of snakes unless you have khổng lồ - I mentioned this above but it"s important enough khổng lồ mention again. Do not boost willy-nilly. It usually fine to lớn boost toward massive sầu amounts of freshly-exploded snake particles, but once you see another snake in there make sure to maneuver early (to biến hóa for the lag) và stop boosting if you"re unsure you"ll be safe.

Boosting here got me killed, and it"d probably kill you too.

Don"t boost if you don"t feel safe - Just lớn reiterate, boosting is super dangerous when it"s laggy and it"s probably the way most snakes die. There are times when you have sầu khổng lồ boost straight away lớn be safe (when a bunch of smaller snakes are hanging around your face) & you absolutely want khổng lồ boost towards particles for a không tính phí meal, but keep the danger factor in mind before going through with it.Once you"re at 4000+ kích cỡ, don"t just go straight - This advice applies both normally và when the lag is so bad you want to lớn quit, but it"s especially applicable during lag. Be sure to turn circles once in a while khổng lồ give sầu yourself somewhere safe, as mentioned before. And during times of extreme lag, just swerve around in the same area until it lets up. Safety first!Don"t take risks in trying to lớn snag particles cthua trận to lớn other, larger snakes - This is something you normally want khổng lồ bởi vì but it becomes much riskier if you"re having input đầu vào delay. Every particle counts, but once you"re pretty big a few particles isn"t worth the risk of dying. Be more picky with your particle pick ups.Wrap around masses of particles you want so you can eat them safely - You want to vị this normally, but especially during periods of high lag.

This way you can eat in peace.

This advice isn"t rock-solid, but it"s definitely something to keep in mind considering my average scores during times of high lag compared khổng lồ periods with reasonable ping.

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There are more opportunities lớn kill và snag particles during these times because other players are in the same boat as you--which means you need to lớn outplay them to succeed. Outplaying them is pretty much as simple as moving with the đầu vào lag in mind.

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