How the Ending System Works

Silent Hill games are known for their many endings, however, Silent Hill 3 only has three. Another different thing is how the ending system works.

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The system, if you will, for endings is processed by points. For the two normal endings – Normal và Possessed – you will receive sầu the appropriate ending for how many points you"ve received. If you exceed 4000, you will receive the Possessed ending, if not, the Normal ending. Here"s how the point system works:

Killing an enemy: 10 points Receiving Damage: 1 point for each damage point Confessional Box (Church): Forgive - 1000 points / Say Nothing - 0 points

"Normal" Ending

This is the normal ending. You can only get this ending the first time through the game, no matter what you bởi vì. To receive this ending in an Extra New Game you must receive less than 4000 points, which is an easy task. To give sầu you an idea you what you should bởi vì, follow these steps:

Beat the game killing under 100 enemies Try your best not to take much damage Say nothing lớn the person in the Confessional Box in the Church

If you have sầu under 4000 points in the kết thúc, you will receive this ending.

"Possessed" Ending

The whole idea of this ending is to exceed 4000 points. Killing each enemy is worth 10 points, so 100 enemies will be 1000 points. Try khổng lồ kill over 200 enemies if you can. The amount of damage you receive in points counts too. Try lớn receive around 1000 points in damage and run around with not a lot of health often. So let monsters hit you và damage you a lot. This may not work out too well on Hard kích hoạt Level because you"ll probably die. Try it on Easy or Normal – I recommkết thúc Normal because monsters have weak attacks on Easy. Another 1000 points comes from the confessional box in the Church. Say "Yes" to lớn the person và you will receive sầu 1000 points; if not, nothing. So if you want lớn receive this ending, try lớn get as many points as possible. You can try your own method but here is what I recommend:

Beat the game killing over 200 enemies (2000+) Forgive sầu the person in the Confessional Box in the Church (1000) Try to lớn receive at least 1000 points in damage (1000+)

Note: The number in brackets beside each suggestion is how many points you will receive sầu for doing that.

This equals 4000 points, which is what you need. To ensure that you"ll get the Possessed ending, kill every enemy you see.

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"Revenge" Ending

You can only receive this ending in a trả lời game. You must first unloông xã the Heather Beam, which is received upon killing a total of at least 333 enemies in your save sầu file. This means you can vày this over several times through the game, and not just once. Once you have a total of over 333 enemies killed from all the times you"ve sầu beaten the game in the same save tệp tin, you will unloông xã the Heather Beam.

The Heather Beam is never in your inventory và is always equipped when no actual weapon is equipped. Hold R2 and press X lớn use it. Find more information about the Heather Beam/Sexy Beam in the Extras section.

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To receive sầu the Revenge ending, you must kill at least 31 enemies with the Heather Beam/Sexy Beam before you reach Daisy Villa Apartments. You can kill enemies with other weapons or kiông xã them và still get the ending, but why waste kills for the Heather Beam? When you enter your apartment, the game will kết thúc there và you will get lớn experience this wacky ending.

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