Quad Processor 1.4 GHzAndroid 7.1.1 ( Nougat )2GB Ram/ Storage 16GB8.0 Inch 1280 x 800 (WXGA)212.1 x 124.1 x 8.9mm; 364gBattery 5000mAh






Displaying all that matters to you

With trang chủ Mode, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0") lets you kiểm tra useful information in an instant. You can view the time, calendar, weather and date while charging. It also features a rotating wallpaper function so you can personalize your trang chính screen with your own collection of images.

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Brighten up your images

Capture moments Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0") features a 5MP.. front camera and enhanced 8MP F1.9 rear camera with tự động focus và flash support for added precision even in low light conditions. Unleash your creativity with the additional settings such as HDR và Pro Mode.


Portability assured

The sleek, lightweight metal design with a soft edge grip provides ahtq.vnfort for everyday use.


Balanced brightness all around

Enjoy a better night’s sleep with the Galaxy Tab A (8.0")’s Blue Light Filter . Activate Blue Light Filter setting lớn balance brightness and reduce eye strain as you enjoy your favourite movies or games at night or in a darkened room.

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Reliable battery power

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0") is engineered with a reliable battery that is powered to last over an extended period of time so you can enjoy more hours of video play, surfing the internet on a full charge.


An Arcade At Home

Its responsive trò chơi Launcher lets you group your installed games inlớn one folder for easy access và features several gaming modes optimized for uninterrupted play. You can also choose from a wide selection of games và videos for action-packed enjoyment.

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*The number of không lấy phí videos


A Digital Playground For Kids

Keep tabs of what your young ones are watching. Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0") features parental controls to lớn ensure children stay safely entertained for a long time. It also ahtq.vnes with animated videos, educational tools và popular activities, including interactive LEGO games, for kids to enjoy.

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