Ronaldo và bale

If Gareth Bale had seen his ego boosted by his world-record transfer lớn Real Madrid, it was probably deflated slightly on his first official day at training with his new club.

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He may have cost the Spanish side around £85 million, but the Welshman might just have been a little stunned to lớn realise he still has a bit of work still to bởi if his touch is lớn be nearly as good as the club’s assistant coach—a certain Zinedine Zidane.

Zidane used to be the star attraction around these parts—in many ways he still is, becoming increasingly influential both aước ao the backroom staff và in the boardroom at the Santiago Bernabeu—but it is now Cristiano Ronaldo who leads from the front on the pitch.

On Wednesday, Bale also met his new teammate for the first time, the duo sharing a seemingly-friendly handshake that no doubt also contained a certain amount of sizing up.

The pair then made their way khổng lồ the entrance lớn Real’s Valdebebas training centre, where Bale was shown around và had the first chance lớn meet his new head coach, Carlo Ancelotti, before taking part in his inaugural training session.

After a summer of speculation over his protracted transfer, Bale admitted last week in an exclusive interview with BT Thể Thao that it was "stressful" waiting lớn see what his future would hold:


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It was very stressful to lớn say the least.

I knew their interest from the start và I was always confident the move would go through but obviously the chairman, Daniel Levy, had khổng lồ vì chưng his business and bởi vì Tottensi mê well so I kind of understood that.

But at the same time, thinking of myself, It was a hard time, it was stressful & I just had to be patient và try to lớn focus.

Now both he & his former club can put the difficult period behind them & focus on their respective futures.

“It is the over of the market, & it was a transfer which took so much time to lớn resolve sầu, but it gives us the possibility lớn focus on what is our work from now on,” Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas told TalkSPORT at a charity event on Wednesday, around the same time Bale was shaking hands with Ronalbởi.

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Attention now turns lớn the weekend with Bale in line khổng lồ make his debut.

Even after an unexpected 30 minutes for Wales on Tuesday, it had been anticipated that Bale would only be introduced off the bench against Villarreal—however, an injury crisis at left-baông chồng could see hyên ổn pressed inkhổng lồ service in a role he thought he had left behind hyên.

Both Fabio Coentrao và Marcelo are nursing knocks sustained on international duty, opening an unlikely path to Bale’s first start.

However, the 24-year-old’s less-than-perfect fitness—coupled with Ancelotti’s option lớn play Alvaro Arbeloa, Dani Carvajal or a number of other defenders out of position if neither first-choice options are fit—is likely to lớn mean he is among the substitutes, initially at least.

Wales trùm Coleman, who gave Bale a runout in defeat lớn Serbia, thinks that would be most sensible.

"We have looked at him in these 10 days and he is nowhere near ready for 90 minutes even if Spanish football is slower," Coleman told FIFA"s official website.

“If he starts on Saturday, he will not finish the game. I would be amazed if he does.

“He may get 45 minutes, I don"t know, but he will feel better in himself after 30 minutes here.”

Bale may be eased in gently at the weekkết thúc then, but there appears lớn be a general feeling that the winger will not be afforded too much time before he is expected to lớn justify his transfer fee.

"There is a lot of pressure on him," Zlachảy Ibrahimovic, who endured a difficult spell at Barcelomãng cầu, told the Đài truyền hình BBC. "I know that when Zinedine Zidane played for Madrid, the fans were whistling against hyên ổn.

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"If they can whistle against Zidane, for me one of the best players in history, I hope Bale has a lot of patience."

Perhaps Zidane"s advice will extkết thúc to more than just matters of tactics and technique, after all.

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