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Pokétháng Go was a record-breaking phenomenon when it launched in 2016, tempting gamers out of their homes khổng lồ capture đáng yêu và colourful "creatures" outdoors. While some of its original players may have moved on khổng lồ virtual pastures new, many others have sầu continued khổng lồ play, making it a permanent part of their lives.


Retired couple Pauline và Robin Tarry, from Earlsdon, Coventry, go lớn some lengths to lớn stalk their prey. They play Pokémon Go for up lớn five sầu hours a day, walking about 30 miles (50km) a week, & regularly take part in so-called Community Days.

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"We've sầu been out at silly o'cloông xã, we've sầu been down the road at 1am lớn go in for a "Gym", so we've had extra exercise," said Mrs Tarry, 65.

Mr Tarry, who was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago, has lost three stone & is on the cusp of remission, which would mean stopping medication.

"My blood sugars are almost at pre-diagnosis cấp độ," added the 63-year-old. "I'm pleased but I can't get complacent."

"It was a Community Day... we were on a Greek ferry in the middle of the sea. We put "incense" on in the hope that we could catch something và we did," said Mrs Tarry, describing the mist players can activate lớn draw monsters out.

"We always have sầu a social drink every Christmas. Last year there was some new Pokémon out and there were lượt thích trăng tròn of us sitting in the pub và there was a new we could see in the distance," said Mr Tarry, a former English teacher.

"Everyone took their phones và left Pauline just guarding the drinks while they ran down. We caught the new one and then went bachồng to the drinking."

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A phenomenon when launched in năm 2016, Pokémon Go generated more than £1bn in revenue in its first year, say creators Niantic LabsPlayers tìm kiếm real world maps to find virtual creatures appearing nearby, then physically go out khổng lồ "capture" themUsers can also take Pokémon into lớn battle in "raids" against others at "Gyms"; uncover Poghẹ Balls & eggs at PokéStops, và hatch và train new creaturesThe game-makers say the app was created lớn encourage "healthy outdoor exploration và social game play"Community Days encourage users to get out & play together in local parks for a few hours each month

Matthew Gibson, the proud collector of more than 500 Pikachu soft toys, "didn't want khổng lồ go out much" before Pokétháng Go launched.

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"I was like, 'mum it's a bit windy,'... or, 'mum it's a bit rainy,'... I didn't even want lớn go out in the sun because there was nothing to vị," said 26-year-old Mr Gibson, who has cerebral palsy & autism.

But he was "fantastically excited" when the game was released and says it has led hlặng khổng lồ places he would never have explored otherwise.

"I've things in my neighbourhood that I didn't know were there. I even go khổng lồ places lượt thích the parks and the castles so I can do Pokémon while mum & dad are looking around."

Mr Gibson's support worker Millie Knight has helped hlặng set up a club at Drapers Bar & Kitchen in Coventry, where disabled gamers can meet once a month và swap trading cards.

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"Quite a few people with autism lượt thích Pokémon... it's a nice environment, we turn the music down & people can either play together or play separately," said Ms Knight.

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