How to play formidable zombie mode in pubg mobile? read step

PUBG Mobile's Zombie Mode is a version that has small teams of humans go up against a wave of zombies on the battlefield. The zombies use their weakness of not having weapons in numbers, overwhelming human teams until they run out of resources or ammunition. Zombies create a challenge of keeping players on their toes, checking every corner, and watch their backs constantly.

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PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: Everything You Need lớn Know

Player vs Player vs Environment

The zombie mode uses a mixed element of player vs player và player vs environment. When teams drop in the battle royal they also have sầu lớn be aware of the zombies scattered throughout the bản đồ. When taking on opposing teams, gunfire attracts the attention of zombies in the area. This can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on each player.

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If you are with a full squad engaging another team you will quickly realize that players would have sầu lớn waste more ammo or get cornered by a horde of zombies. The upside khổng lồ having zombies is if you are the last member of the squad và can use the distraction of the zombies to escape battles from enemy teams.

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Zombie Loot

Taking down zombies causes them lớn drop loot that can be beneficial sometimes. Here is a menu of loot fallen from zombies have dropped so far:

AK SuppressorQuichồng MagsCompensatorsAmmoScopesGun Stocks

Zombies that players have encounter show different behaviors throughout the map; aggressive sầu, stealthy, và coordination. There are different variations of zombies which give or take a different amount of damage. Survivors of PUBG entering Zombie Mode should always stiông chồng together và win the ultimate chicken dinner.

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