Privilege là gì

an advantage that only one person or group of people has, usually because of their position or because they are rich:
the way in which rich people or people from a high social class have sầu most of the advantages in society:
the special right that some people in authority have that allows them to lớn vì chưng or say things that other people are not allowed to:

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At the moment, it tends to lớn be managers or technology-related workers who work from home - it"s seen as something of a privilege for trusted employees.

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have the privilege of doing sth I had the privilege of studying at one of the country"s leading business schools.
for the privilege of doing sth Advertisers often subsidize entire TV productions or movie kinh doanh campaigns for the privilege of featuring their brands.

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enjoy/earn a privilege It is possible that the company will one day commvà a premium rating, but the market clearly believes it has khổng lồ earn that privilege.
legal protection that a person or a group has because of their position within a society, for example the right lớn keep particular discussions, etc. private:
In approaching their prospects, network marketers enjoy the privilege of exploiting the element of intimacy by reducing the potential threat to their prospects" negative face.
They were mutually dedicated lớn reforming institutions và removing privileges that they regarded as impediments to lớn growth and stability.
There is a danger that reflexivity could be used khổng lồ privilege a theoretical or methodological standpoint by contrasting it to lớn an unreflexive sầu counterpart.
More indirectly, these two stylistic dimensions mark different epistemic relations lớn the discourse, emphasizing và privileging different kinds of information.
The resources that are directed lớn this purpose give sầu this community privileged access to the material evidence of the past.
It turns out that under certain circumstances, a maximin egalitarian case for seniority privileges could be made.
Such arrangements, enacted without the customary familial negotiations, usurped the privileges of parents and their ability lớn protect their family lineage, stability, và honour.
This flier makes explicit, despite its ostensibly pro-migrant tone, that migrant rights are in fact privileges that must be earned through integration.





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