Secure your usb with phrozen safe usb for windows pc

People who frequently have sầu to lớn nội dung their PCs, may often have sầu faced the nuisance of unauthorized media, such as movies, photos, music etc., being transferred through a thumb drive, without their consent. Kids, in particular, aren’t usually wary about viruses and malware that a USB thumb drive sầu may carry (especially if it’s being plugged inkhổng lồ every other computer), and so might not be your non-techie roommate. Moreover, if you have some confidential files on your computer, you would be quite miffed to lớn have them sneakily copied when you’re away. Likewise, people often want to lớn restrict their computers khổng lồ be used for tệp tin transferring & sharing through a USB flash due lớn various security reasons. Windows 7 doesn’t offer any option to lớn write protect or disable USB storage medium temporarily, or even on permanent basis. Obviously, you can disable the USB ports in the BIOS, but then again, it would also disable your keyboard or mouse, should they support a USB connector. So what would vị in such cumbersome situation? Phrozen Safe USB has an answer for you. This tiny little application lets you activate and deactivate USB storage within a single cliông chồng. Keep reading for more details.

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The tool has a mini console window, which, although not sporting many settings, easily lets you specify three different USB modes. The USB status drop down menu holds these modes. By mặc định, it’s phối to USB Devices fully operational. This means that any USB drive connected lớn your PC will be fully functional – you can write, read & delete the nội dung stored in the drive sầu.


The drop down thực đơn also contains USB Devices in read only mode and USB Devices deactivated. When on read only mode, the connected device can be used lớn read any stored content, but it becomes write protected, so this in fact a handy solution to lớn secure your files from being copied. The last of the trio is USB deactivated. When selected, any USB device connected khổng lồ the PC won’t be recognized, while still keeping your USB mouse or keyboard, or any other device for that matter, completely operational. It should be noted that the any of three modes will work on devices connected afterwards, so it won’t have any effect on existing USBs.

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When closed, the application is minimized to lớn system tray. You can easily change USB modes from within the contextual thực đơn.

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During testing I noticed that all of the three USB modes work after quitting the application even from system tray. Phrozen Safe USB supports Windows XP., Windows Vista, Windows 7 và Windows 8.

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