Pew, pew! show me your pubg mobile setup

Hey there! I can’t tell you how excited I am that you’re here. On behalf of our entire team, we sincerely hope that Gaming Unboxed will become your #1 source for gaming on the go. I know we’re excited lớn get this new endeavor underway and we’re ecstatic that you’ve chosen khổng lồ come along for the ride. All that said, I thought it fitting khổng lồ make my inaugural article for Gaming Unboxed about the game that helped spur the birth of the website. PUBG MobileIt’s no secret that we enjoy our daily lunch breaks with a side of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) thiết bị di động. The award-winning Battle Royale shoot em up crossed over the 600 million download mark baông chồng in December of 2019 and is still growing with each passing day. Needless lớn say, it’s quite popular. While it wasn’t the first of its kind, PUBG for PC, console và now Stadia is widely considered the game that put the Battle Royale genre on the map and paved the way for titles such as Fortnite khổng lồ become as popular as they are. That’s enough of the đoạn phim game history for the day. We love playing PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại and today, I wanted khổng lồ take a look at controls cài đặt.

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We have a team of 4 guys who play together consistently each week & while we may not be competitive-màn chơi gamers, we hold our own. Each of us has our own style of play, preferred loadout and of course, custom layout for the extensive number of on-screen controls used in-game. Personally, I’m experimenting with different layouts at the moment but can’t seem to find a bản đồ that feels “just right” & I was curious as to lớn what everyone else uses.As I mentioned, we aren’t going out & taking the gold at any Esports tournaments but we are competitive sầu by nature và who doesn’t want to win? Right? So, we tweak our controls & fiddle with various layouts but I still consider myself an intermediate player and would love sầu to see what a fine-tuned PUBG mobile player does to grab that edge needed to hang with the big guns. I keep most of my main controls to lớn the right because I’m right-handed. I currently don’t use peek or peek/scope but I know that it does provide a decided advantage when engaging in firefights.
For weapon load-outs, that obviously depends on what type of matches we’re in at the given moment. Our lunchtime pews are generally payload mode in which case, I like to lớn carry an M3E1-A rocket launcher for obvious reasons. For my main shooter, I lean towards sniper rifles and will always be happy with a suppressed SKS or SLR matched with a quickdraw AR mag and 6x scope. A cheek pad doesn’t hurt, either. If I can’t find a well-equipped xạ thủ, I’m rocking an M416 with a verticle foregrip. Sidearm? Gotta be the sawed-off grenade launcher. Great in a pinch, destructive & ammo is plentiful anywhere on the map. Below, you can see mine & Robby’s current layout for PUBG điện thoại.

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My current layout
Robby’s PUBG layoutOur hope is that one day, maybe, we can bring you all a closer look at our PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại shenanigans. Perhaps in the khung of some live streams or something of the sort but for now, I want khổng lồ see your best controller setups và load-outs. Drop your screenshots in the comments of your layout và tell me why you think it works best. I’d love sầu lớn try out some new ones and see if it helps take the game khổng lồ a new màn chơi. If you’re looking lớn join us for a match, you can find me in PUBG điện thoại under the IGN GabeUnboxed.

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