Is overwatch dying in 2021? what is its player count?

Is Overwatch Dying in 2021 now that VALORANT has gained a massive foothold in the casual shooter genre?Blizzard is still working on the upcoming sequel but there is no confirmed release date yet and we are likely khổng lồ not receive it in 2021.Activision still continues khổng lồ enjoy a healthy playerbase with a reported 10 million players still playing the game as of last year"s earnings Hotline report.

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Is Overwatch dying in 2021 or is the entire player base simply waiting for the sequel? The game kickstarted a resurgence in FPS games once again baông xã in 2016. Prior to lớn the release of the Blizzard shooter, Team Fortress 2 và CS:GO were the only two long-running FPS titles. With the release of Blizzard’s shooter and Rainbow Six: Siege, we saw a string of competitive sầu shooters launch but is Overwatch dying in 2021? Battle royale games và Valorant seem to have sầu taken its place and there is less hype around the game than there used to lớn be. Let’s take a closer look at the player count & if Overwatch is dying in 2021.

Is Overwatch Dying in 2021? 

Overwatch"s Current Player Count

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Blizzard Entertainment does not usually tóm tắt details on its player count unless the games achieve specific milestones so there is no way lớn tell how many concurrent players there are currently. With the company releasing a report that 10 million monthly players still play the game in November 20trăng tròn, Overwatch is not dying in 2021. But the hype around the game has definitely gone down. During its first year, the game boasted 35 million players which grew khổng lồ 50 million players in 2018. But since then, battle royale games have sầu been all the rage & it feels like Overwatch is Dying in 2021. 

Overwatch"s Twitch Viewership has massively declined

However, we can somewhat estimate a game"s popularity by comparing its viewership numbers on Twitch with its previous numbers. Overwatch"s Twitch viewership metrics certainly don"t paint a pretty picture.

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The average viewership in Twitch for Overwatch has gone down drastically over the months. With a peak of over 47,000 viewers on the streaming platsize in August 2019 during the Overwatch League, the viewership was around đôi mươi,000 across January 2021. Overwatch is dying on Twitch because of a lachồng of nội dung và no new agents to shake things up. 

Will Overwatch 2 Save The Game?

One of the biggest contributors khổng lồ Overwatch dying in 2021 is the laông chồng of content. Since the announcement of Overwatch 2, the original title has been ignored. Blizzard entertainment has completely halted the release of new heroes & maps. During its initial years, players used khổng lồ get three heroes & maps a year which kept the game feeling fresh. The upcoming sequel lớn the game was delayed which means that players are now waiting even longer to get access to lớn new heroes, maps, & game modes. While it is unknown if Overwatch 2 will save the franchise, fans of the franchise will likely come back to lớn the game to give sầu it a go as the sequel’s PVP will be không tính phí for all existing Overwatch owners. 

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