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The King of Fighters XV: The Story Behind the Immortal Team Orochi With the Orođưa ra Team making the jump khổng lồ King of Fighters XV, here"s a look at what roles they"ve played in the previous titles" stories.

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The King of Fighters XV has only revealed a few of the warriors in its roster, but many of them are franchise staples. These include series anh hùng Kyo Kusanagi, as well as former rival K" và the buxom Fatal Fury heroine Mai Shiranui. A new trailer for the game revealed a few more returning fighters, including a group that hasn"t been prominent in the series in a while.

Dubbed Team Orochi, the rock bvà CYS are a group who follow the dark god Orođưa ra & have increasingly murderous ambitions for humanity. With the Orochi Team"s classic members making the jump khổng lồ King of Fighters XV"s Unreal Engine, here"s a look bachồng at what role they"ve played in the previous games" stories.

kof xv orochi

The Orochi Team debuted in The King of Fighters "97, which was fittingly the final entry in the series" Orođưa ra Saga. The team included three members of the Heavenly Kings of Orochi. These members of the Hakkeshu Orochi cult wield elemental powers. The cult & its god had grown fed up with the modern world"s abuse of nature, và decided lớn resurrect their master in order khổng lồ bring about humanity"s destruction.

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The Orochi Team also formed a rochồng band called CYS, which was a reference khổng lồ their members Chris, Yashiro và Shermie. They were initially unaware of their ties to Orochi, with Yashiro entering the fighting tournament simply due to lớn a jealous rivalry with Iori Yagangươi. Eventually, their Orobỏ ra blood was awakened, turning them into lớn dark mirrors of themselves. Hoping to gather power to act as conduits for Orochi himself, Shermie & Yashiro eventually commit suicide in order to lớn give sầu their energy khổng lồ Chris. This brings Orochi back to lớn the material world, but he"s eventually defeated & sealed away again by Kyo, Iori and Chizuru.

Shermie & Yashiro would appear in non-canon games such as the dream match The King of Fighters "98, but they remained officially dead until The King of Fighters XIV. Their resurrection was explained as being due to lớn the defeat of the being known as Verse, which released several souls of deceased individuals. This also explains why the trio is baông chồng in the newest title with their original Team Orochi name, no less.

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Chris, despite his appearance, is essentially the team"s main member. Despite his effeminate appearance, he"s a young man from Sweden who"s soft form belies immense power. His elemental abilities also make hyên ổn a rival to the pyrokinetic Kyo. The imposing Yashiro is meant as a rival for sumo wrestler Goro Daimon, while the sultry Shermie opposed Benimaru. Despite having only been in a few main entries, Shermie, like many of the franchise"s female characters is very popular. She boasts several appearances in spin-offs and even has her own image album. Shermie and Chris both represent dual nature, as they both seem nice và friendly despite their dangerous origins. The previous game ended with Kyo learning of a revived Orođưa ra, which will likely segue inlớn the Orođưa ra Team"s prominence in the story of The King of Fighters XV.

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