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Some participants reported that the threat was current and ongoing, while others did not think it would happen for over 6 months.
Interviewers and observers were thoroughly trained prior lớn collecting data, & ongoing recalibration meetings were held to promote measurement fidelity & reliability.
Within rural communities, reciprocity in the size of ongoing nonmonetised transfers of resources - l&, labour and food - endures and will probably continue to lớn do so.
This has not been an easy process, particularly with cases of police violence và corruption ongoing.
This scale rates the presence of ongoing disorder in a series of physiological systems and was designed for use in older psychiatric populations.
Discussions among mỏi mental health professionals, clients, & community members should be ongoing and occur regularly.
Representations are not static reflections but rather ongoing, dynamic construction processes, both socially và subjectively determined.
And even as an acquired capathành phố it is not static but is continually influenced by ongoing changes in context.
Ongoing activities concentrate on the introduction and organization of mammography screening programs.
As discussed in subsequent sections, this attentional regulation will not only influence ongoing behavior, but also the storage of information in memory.
The symbolic messages encoded in the distribution of these items are difficult to decipher before their ongoing preservation & reconstruction have been completed.
This allows for identification of areas with ongoing poliovi khuẩn transmission & implementation of appropriate vaccination responses.

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Where significant funding for project establishment & ongoing operations was not ascertained, the project developers incurred higher search costs.
If the nurses or respiratory or dialysis technicians view the ongoing extraordinary care as cruel, this may contribute to the healthcare team dynamics.
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