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10 Ways Speed-O'-Sound Sonic Has Changed During One-Punch Man If Speed-o"-Sound Sonic continues khổng lồ progress at this incredible pace he could one day surpass Saitama.

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The monsters that Saitama faces in One-Punch Man are almost always entertaining, but none of them pose any real threat to the overpowered anime protagonist. Even when Season 2 introduced the Monster Association, Saitama still moved through the plot of his anime without the need for concern.

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Will the training that Garou & Sonic go through ever be enough khổng lồ put them ahead of the Caped Baldy? In just two short seasons, Speed-o"-Sound Sonic has already grown so much. Perhaps if he continues lớn progress at this pace he could one day surpass The One-Punch Man himself.

One Punch Man Speed-o-sound Sonic Smile
Sonic"s desperation in the latter half of One-Punch Man"s Season 2 might make it seem lượt thích the ninja has lost control, but perhaps Sonic simply struggles to lớn underst& the happiness that he has found since fighting Saitama.

When viewers first met Sonic, he was thrilled by the opportunity to show off his power. It was clear that Sonic enjoyed combat, but nothing made hyên as giddy as facing Saitama. Perhaps Saitama has reignited Sonic"s true fighting spirit, bringing hyên ổn more joy than he has been able to lớn feel in a long time.

Speed O Sound Sonic Smirk
The first time Speed-o"-Sound Sonic faced Saitama, he was quichồng khổng lồ show off his speed & afterimage abilities. Like Killua from Hunter X Hunter, Sonic is able to create afterimages of himself lớn throw off his enemies.

When Sonic encounters Saitama in Season 2, he is able to lớn create ten times as many afterimages as he did in their first encounter. Even with the additional strength, Sonic was no match for Saitama, but perhaps if he continues lớn train he will one day overcome his sworn enemy.

Sonic Vs Genos
Speed-o"-Sound Sonic may not look much lượt thích the xanh hedgehog that he is named after, but he surely matches the hedgehog"s speed. Add a strict training arc to a character with supersonic speed và you get even more tốc độ.

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As the resident speedster in the world of One-Punch Man, fans can expect that Sonic will continue to push the limits of his human toàn thân in order lớn achieve sầu greater and greater speeds each season. The longer this series runs, the faster Speed-o"-Sound Sonic will get. But will he ever catch up lớn Saitama?

7 From Villain To Antihero

Speed O Sound Sonic One Punch Man
Perhaps the path lớn overcoming Saitama comes not from villainy, but from friendship. Others have already caught wind of The Caped Baldy"s power và have chosen to side with hlặng in order khổng lồ benefit from it. Genos in particular seems khổng lồ be using his relationship with Saitama lớn grow stronger himself.

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The way Sonic stood up khổng lồ the Deep Sea King is proof that this villain has deeper moral struggles than viewers might get the chance to lớn see. Could Sonic soon become an antihero in the world of One-Punch Man?

During the Training Arc Sonic goes through in Season 2 of the One-Punch Man anime, fans get to see the softer sides of Sonic. While he builds up his strength lớn fight Saitama, Sonic befriends a hero & even takes in a stray pet.

Could Saitama"s relaxed approach to lớn strength và heroism have caused Sonic khổng lồ question his villainous behavior? Perhaps this character"s future is not as dark as fans might have sầu originally assumed.

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5 Sonic Seems To Be More Considerate Of Saitama"s Heroics

When Sonic encountered Saitama in Season 2 for the first time, he insults the idea of heroism. From his perspective sầu, the Hero Association is flawed for promoting heroism in a world where there is no hope.

This pessimistic attitude is typical of an anime villain, but what doesn"t make sense is Sonic"s respect for Saitama"s heroics. Since first encountering Saitama, Sonic has softened with regard khổng lồ Hero work. Perhaps in the future, the speedy ninja will join Genos & Saitama in the fight against evil.

When Sonic finally gets a hold of the Monster Cells that the Monster Association is using to overwhelm the Hero Association, he shows a side of himself that fans had never seen before.

Speed-o"-Sound Sonic is also a fan of the culinary arts. When fans first met Sonic he was a cocky ninja, but now he is a cocky ninja, a culinary genius, and so much more. Despite his worst intentions, he still turned the Monster Cells inlớn a respectable dish & escaped what could have sầu been his darkest moment.

3 Sonic Now Has Friends, Acquaintances, & Sworn Enemies

Flashy Flash is an S-Class anh hùng that shares a number of superpowers và abilities with Speed-o"-Sound Sonic. These similarities can be explained by the similar training that Sonic và Flashy Flash underwent in Nin-Ja school.

Some fans have sầu speculated that these two speedsters may be related, but until more about their shared family is revealed, fans will have lớn settle with the fact that they went lớn the same school. The solo ninja no longer operates alone, now he has acquaintances and perhaps even friends.

The pressure that Saitama put on Sonic after defeating him has largely pushed the speedster in the right direction when considering his moral compass. The Sonic that One-Punch Man fans read about now is kinder, wiser, và even stronger than he was originally.

Unfortunately, Saitama has also made Sonic more desperate. This desperation may have sầu spurred on a training arc that earned the character some sympathy, but it also pushed Sonic khổng lồ accept the quái thú cells offered by the Monster Association. This is a desperate move sầu for someone who used to be so calm and confident about his own strength.

1 Sonic"s Monster Cell Transformation

It would seem that Speed-o"-Sonic"s expert culinary skills canceled out the ninja"s bad intentions with the boss khủng cells. By cooking the cells inkhổng lồ a gourmet dish, Sonic may have sầu just cooked the evil right out of them.

Still, there is a chance that Sonic only altered the quái dị cells by cooking them. Perhaps Sonic only learned how to lớn maintain control of this monstrous power? If the boss khủng cells did enhance Sonic"s skill, his next fight with Saitama would surely be different.

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