Tải microsoft office 365 cho mac mới nhất 2021


For people who buy a new Mac, the first thing lớn think about is khổng lồ download Microsoft Office on Mac.Using Windows is used khổng lồ it, switching to lớn macOS is strange, & you don’t know how lớn install Microsoft Office on Mac; why vì you have to download it to lớn install it but it gives me an error that won’t allow me lớn install it.After installing it, you don’t know how to lớn activate it for không tính phí for life.Don’t worry anymore. Lucid Gen will solve sầu all your problems in this article.

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Table of contentsPrepare before installing Microsoft Office for MacInstructions lớn install Microsoft Office on Mac

Introduction to lớn Microsoft Office on Mac (Macbook)

What does the Microsoft Office on Mac include?– Microsoft Word for Macbook.– Microsoft Excel for Macbook.– Microsoft PowerPoint for Macbook.– Microsoft Onelưu ý for Macbook.– Microsoft Outlook for Macbook.– OneDrive for Macbook.

Should I update to lớn the lathử nghiệm version after installing Microsoft Office for Mac following this guide?No.Because when you update lớn the lachạy thử version, you will lose “permanent activation”.It would be best if you kept the original Microsoft Office installed according to lớn the instructions.I will update the liên kết to tải về the new version in this article. If you want lớn update, go bachồng to the article to tải về and install it again.

Is it possible lớn install Microsoft Office on Mac M1?Of course, you can, & you should use the lathử nghiệm version of Microsoft Office lớn install for Mac M1.

Prepare before installing Microsoft Office for Mac

Download your favorite Microsoft Office on Mac, then turn off Gatekeeper and SIPhường. to install it.If you have already installed another version of Microsoft Office on your Macbook, you should also remove it before installing according to our instructions.

Download Microsoft Office on Mac

You tải về the lademo versions to use; the new version will have sầu more features.

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Disable Gatekeeper & SIP

Since macOS Catalina (10.15) & above, khổng lồ install Microsoft Office for Mac or other software downloaded from the mạng internet, you need todisable Gatekeeper and SIPhường on Mac.Please follow the instructions of that links, and it’s simple.

After turning off Gatekeeper and SIPhường, you can install Microsoft Office for Mac or carefully read the instructions below.

Instructions to lớn install Microsoft Office on Mac

Install Microsoft Office on Mac

Step 1:You extract the Microsoft Office tệp tin for Macbook into a thư mục, then you open that thư mục.

Select Move sầu to Trash lớn delete Microsoft AutoUpdate

Enjoy Microsoft Office on your Macbook

Since the instructions for installing Microsoft Office for Macbook are quite detailed, I should also review a bit for you lớn see.mở cửa the 3 most popular software, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Mac, try it out.

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Note:The first time you open it và Microsoft Office asks you to sign in, you can clichồng on the lineSkip Sign in.


In general, Microsoft Office on Mac (Macbook) is basically no different from Windows so that you can work with peace of mind.Especially, MacOS is very smooth, so you don’t get the Full Disk status that has not been saved yet like Windows.But there are some advanced features on Microsoft Office of MacOS that are not available, such asMerging multiple Excel files inkhổng lồ one.Have you installed it? Was this article helpful?Would you mind leaving a comment below?

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