Play the game in a brand-new way và fall in love with it all over again! 

I still remember the days where any new piece of gaming hardware, any driver update, & any new performance-related feature benchmarked The Witcher 3 as its selling-point. Hell, when I bought the very máy vi tính I’m writing this article in (don’t shame me, pc builders) every Reviews site used The Witcher 3 khổng lồ thử nghiệm it against similar models.

In its heyday, The Witcher 3 was the go-lớn whenever you wanted an example of the technical and storytelling capabilities of triple-A games. 

Sure, it might be a nearly-six-year-old game, but I’ll be damned if it hasn’t aged wonderfully... Mostly. 

Having played the whole thing a couple of times, you’d be forgiven for feeling lượt thích it doesn’t have much more lớn offer. And any relationship needs a little reinvigorating from time to time, lest it become stale. 

So, before you install yet another thirty-dollar expansion for ESO or try khổng lồ destroy your GPU with Cyberpunk 2077, allow me to lớn show you trăng tròn mods that can help you rekindle the flame with TW3 và hopefully offer you the chance khổng lồ play it like never before. 

Small disclaimer: no nude mods, but it’s not like you’ll have a hard time finding those. 

20. The debug console. 


​THE WITCHER 3 - Geralternative text vs 500 Witch Hunters (Console commands experiment)

Woah! A menu of mods that starts with something that’s not a mod! boy are we off lớn a running start!

I hear you, but truth be told, before we start downloading things & messing with file-directories and god-knows-what, why not start with a tool that’s already available and tremendously fun khổng lồ play with? 

The debug console is very easy to lớn access & it offers a wonderful array of new and exciting possibilities. Want to lớn change some choices you made from your Witcher 2 save? Debug console. Want to play as a fully-powered Ciri anywhere, anytime? Debug console. Want khổng lồ have every tòa tháp in the game in your inventory? Debug console and an on-hvà fire extinguisher for your CPU.

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How The Debug Console Makes The Game Fun:

A huge amount of possibilities at the tip of your fingertips.Installation is relatively easy and it doesn’t usually require any downloads. Doesn’t mess with the game’s source code. So you won’t have sầu khổng lồ worry about breaking it. 

Get Instructions for enabling the debug console here:

19. The Witcher 3 Mod Manager.


Step by Step Witcher Modding

Right, so our first two items in a các mục of fun mods are an in-game tool and a manager. I admit, maybe not the most exciting thing in the world. 

We’re still 18 actual mods to lớn go, however, & you want khổng lồ know what’s really not fun? Spending hours-upon-hours trying khổng lồ get 18 mods (plus all the nude mods we both know you’ll be installing) to work together without crashing your game khổng lồ oblivion. 

How The Witcher 3 Mod Manager Makes The Game Fun:

Easier installation of most nexus mods for the game.Allows you to pause and disable different mods without deleting them.Friendly UI that’s great for inexperienced modders. 

Get the thủ thuật here:

18. The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project.

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project NextGen

Now we’re cooking with Igni! The Witcher 3 is a fantastic-looking game, no doubt about that.

But as the adage goes: too much of a good thing is even better! And that’s exactly what this thủ thuật does. It brings TW3’s graphics from good to lớn jaw-droppingly-great, with meticulously reworked 4k textures that’ll make you feel like you’re roaming the forests of Velen, or breathing in the fresh mountain air of Skellige.

How The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project Makes The trò chơi Fun:

The beautiful textures ensure a brand-new experience with the game that’ll make you fall in love sầu with it all over again. Combined with a couple of character mods, it turns The Witcher 3 inlớn a br& new game that could go toe-to-toe with anything released this year. 

Get the mod here:

17. High Quality Faces.

​TW3 chơi Game with High Quality Faces

Listen, if we’re going lớn give the whole environment a makeover, it only seems fair that we vì so khổng lồ the characters as well. After all, part of what makes this such a beautiful game are the interesting & complex characterizations, and it never hurts to lớn be able lớn see Yennefer’s face in full 4K.

How High Quality Faces Makes The trò chơi Fun:

The enhanced facial details work wonders for engagement with the story. No more weird immersion-breaking experiences from funky-looking NPC’s.Sorcerer lady pretty.

Get the gian lận here: 

16. HD Monsters Reworked Mod.

HDMRhack vs Vanilla Showcase

If you’re like me, you are always looking for a game that hits that sweet spot between survival horror và power fantasy. 

If I’m going khổng lồ be a hardcore quái vật killing machine, I want to lớn feel like I’m facing the horrors that hide in the shadows of what’s known, not lượt thích I’m in an episode of Scooby Do and I’m about to discover it was old-man Jenkins all along.

This mod gives the monsters a detailed and terrifying new look. So you can truly feel lượt thích you’re protecting the world from nightmarish creatures.

How HD Monsters Reworked Mod Makes The trò chơi Fun:

Full HD terrifying monsters will have your heart pumping out of your chest.Combined with high difficulty, the quái thú encounters will have you feeling tense lượt thích never before.

Get the hack here: 

15. Super Turbo lighting Mod/ Atmospheric Nights.

STLM Showcase

So, we’re five sầu mods down the các mục. You are yet to lớn see anything that affects gameplay, và your graphics card is crying. 

Don’t worry, this is not a “how to lớn make your Witcher 3 more HD” list, & we will get to lớn some hijinks soon enough. But I just can’t ignore these mods because look at them

You’ve already upgraded characters, environments, và monsters. Why not make the most of it with amazing spooky nights and beautiful days?

How Super Turbo Lighting Mod & Atmospheric Nights Make The game Fun:

Beautiful lighting that takes your breath away.Darker nights make it feel like something’s always around the corner. 

Get the Super Turbo Lighting Mod here: 

Get the Atmospheric Nights Mod here: 

14. Over 9000 - Weight limit gian lận.

Over 9000 limit mod playthrough

There’s so much good loot in TW3, even the less-impressive items are great when you need to make some quiông xã cash or when you need to dismantle some things to lớn craft an awesome piece of armor. 

That’s why it’s all the more annoying to be constantly dropping things because you’re half a sandwich over the weight limit. 

That’s where this thủ thuật comes in. By increasing your carrying capathành phố to lớn pretty-much-limitless, so you can focus on bankrupting whatever poor salesman you force khổng lồ buy eighteen different swords from you.

How Over 9000 Makes The Game Fun:

Crafting becomes a lot less stressful when you can keep the items you need to use.No more encumbrance, so you can focus on the game instead of inventory management.Great if you’ve sầu already finished the game once, and you want to streamline the process a little.

Get the thủ thuật here: 

13. AutoLoot.

Disable storybook gian lận installation

I rethành viên the first time I loaded up TW3. Fade from blachồng, “I see you gather before me, hungry, terrified...” goosebumps ran down my spine, I knew this game was going to be something special.

I also rethành viên the second time I had khổng lồ see that exact same cinematic and how it made me want to punch a hole through my TV.

The storybook videos are cool. But they get really old really fast, and if you’re going khổng lồ be installing a lot of mods & doing a lot of troubleshooting you’ll probably want khổng lồ avoid having lớn listen khổng lồ Dandelion’s unbearable narration over và over again. That’s where this gian lận comes in.

How Disable Storybook Videos Makes The Game Fun:

There are few things more annoying than listening to lớn Dandelion repeating the same story every-damn-time (and I actually lượt thích the guy).An absolute must-have if you’re gonmãng cầu install a bunch of mods & don’t want lớn waste your life away. 

Get the mod here: 

11. Fast Travel from Anywhere.

Fast Travel from Anywhere thủ thuật showcase

Running around the world, admiring all the vistas, và finding all the hidden secrets might be great. But holding Shift & W for half an hour because the nearest signpost is several miles away & Roach has the stamimãng cầu of an asthmatic smoker dragging a sled filled with rocks isn’t.

With this gian lận, you’ll be able khổng lồ fast travel to any signpost from anywhere on the bản đồ. 

How Fast Travel from Anywhere Makes The Game Fun:

No more tedious back-and-forth from the same place to the nearest signpost.A quick way of getting out of sticky situations should you find yourself in too much trouble. You’ll only be fast traveling khổng lồ signposts, so you won’t miss out on the roaming entirely.

Get the thủ thuật here: 

10. Galloping In Cities.

Galloping in Cities mod showcase

On the topic of Roach’s frustratingly bad habits. Her refusal to lớn run wildly when in polite company is admirable until you realize just how far Hattori is from any signpost & how often you’ll need to lớn sell swords and mastercraft things. 

This gian lận replaces Roach’s politeness with efficiency & it lets you gallop full-tốc độ around any đô thị. Which is great if you’re feeling lượt thích TW3 needs to be just a little more lượt thích GTAdark fantasy edition.

How Galloping In Cities Makes The Game Fun:

Get where you need quichồng. No more slow crawls around the city.Running around Novigrad becomes a lot more satisfying.Galloping full speed down busy thành phố streets is frankly just hilarious. 

Get the mod here: 

9. More XP.

More XP hack showcase

Listen. I might have sầu bailed the same class 3 times. I might have sầu picked up eight different hobbies since the beginning of quarantine và dropped them in a matter of weeks. I might have slept on the couch because I began khổng lồ wash my sheets và forgot to lớn dry them. But I don’t leave sầu quests unfinished. Ever.

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Who cares if I’m at level 27 và all I’ll get from finishing a contract và all I’ll get are 50 coins và a single XPhường point. If there’s a wraith that needs slaying, I’m going khổng lồ slay it.

That being said. It would be nice to get a proper reward instead of 50 coins and a single XP point, I mean, I did just slew your wraith. 

That is exactly what this gian lận does.

How More XPhường Makes The trò chơi Fun:

You can double the XP of all quests if you want to lớn be as powerful as possible, as fast as possible.You can also just get the original full XPhường even on lower-màn chơi quests.Also great if you want to skip all the side quests & skip straight khổng lồ the main story. Although I will judge you.

Get the gian lận here: 

8. Friendly HUD. 

The Witcher 3 chơi Game with Friendly HUD enabled

The atmospheric nights, the HD textures, the vast and open landscapes. Doesn’t this game look great? I mean, at least I think it does. I haven’t looked up from my minimap in quite a while. 

Credit where credit’s due, there’s a LOT of games with worse HUDs. Still. Sometimes it"s nice to just thảm bại yourself in the landscape and let fate take you where it may.

That’s where this gian lận comes in. Giving you full customization options for your HUD. So you can decide what information you want on your screen and when.

How Friendly HUD Makes The Game Fun:

A broad array of options means that you get to lớn play the game you want to play.Turning off all of the HUD elements is great for immersion.You can also add more information to your screen. So you can quickly access potions và oils.

Get the gian lận here: 

7. Ultra Gore 2.

Ultra Gore 2 showcase

So no to lớn nude mods but yes khổng lồ gore, truly a testament to lớn the duality of man. But alas, I’m a fighter, not a lover. And I like khổng lồ watch the gallons of blood leaving my dismembered opponents when I fight. I guess I’m just old-fashioned that way.

Anyways, if you’re a freak lượt thích me & you want to experience the dark, brutal combat depicted in the books then this is the hack for you.

How Ultra Gore 2 Makes The Game Fun:

Finishing blows are so much more satisfying when there’s a limb or two flying away from your enemies.There’s nothing more anticlimactic than landing a powerful blow on an enemy only for them lớn stumble down like cardboard cutouts.

Get the hack here: 

6. Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra.

The Witcher 3 with the characters from the series 

Remember when movie and tv tie-in games used to lớn be great? Yeah, me neither. The games were always a boring unoriginal mess và the actor’s models always felt like the uncanny valley’s physical manifestation personally went to your house & slapped you across the face.

Luckily, with this thủ thuật you can solve sầu the former, creating your own “The Witcher: The show: The game” by changing Geralternative text & Yennefer’s character models lớn look lượt thích Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra from the Netflix show.

Listen. I promised you a new experience. I never said a more comfortable one. 

How the Henry Cavill & Anya Chalotra Mod Makes The trò chơi Fun:

Make your Witcher 3 playthrough feel like an extension of the series.The mod is hilarious, và I promise it’ll get at least a good chuckle out of you.Henry Cavill’s face.

Get the thủ thuật here: 

5. Appearances Menu Mod.

Appearances Menu Mod showcase

Why stop at just Henry Cavill’s beautiful face when you can customize your Geralternative text inlớn pretty much anything you want?

One of the greakiểm tra things about RPGs is character customization, & if TW3 is missing something then this is definitively it.

And sure. You might say that TW3 is not about creating some one-size-fits-all generic journey for a nameless character, it’s about getting you invested in Geralt’s story and making you feel like you and the titular witcher are one và the same. 

Counterpoint: this mod lets you play as a headless Letho with a flaming sword riding a unicorn from hell.

How The Appearances Menu Mod Makes The trò chơi Fun:

The possibilities are endless. Play the Geralt you want to play.A comprehensive & clean menu that allows you khổng lồ change looks on the fly.It doesn’t alter your stats, so you can look however you want whilst using your favorite armor.

Get the mod here: 

4. Multi Companion Mod Enhanced.

Multi Companion Mod Enhanced showcase

Geralt is a lone wolf. The life of a Witcher is a lonely one but that’s a price he’s willing lớn pay. He roams the continent on his own, caring for no one but himself. 

His adoptive sầu daughter notwithstanding of course. And his sorceress girlfrikết thúc, okay, girlfriends. And of course his best friend the bard. And his other best friend the dwarf. And his other best friover the vampire. And his—

Okay so maybe Geralt likes company, it’s just a lot cooler to brood alone in the dark. 

Anyways, if you’re tired of roaming the continent on your lonesome and would rather join your friends for some homemade fish soup then this is the mod for you. With the multi companion thủ thuật you’ll be able khổng lồ pick-and-choose your very own Hansa (That’s right, two book references in a row. I’m on fire today).

How Multi Companion Mod Enhanced Makes The Game Fun:

You get khổng lồ hang around with your friends! A huge selection of characters to aid you on your journey.The companions actually help. Offering assistance in a fight. The characters will talk khổng lồ you và each other. So the world feels so much more alive sầu.

Get the hack here: 

3. Magic Spells.

Magic Spells Mod showcase

If you’ve ever spent any time on a D&D diễn đàn you have probably seen various “how-to” guides for turning your character inkhổng lồ a Witcher. But what about the opposite? What about turning Geralternative text inlớn a level-seventeen-eldritch-knight with Aerondight as his arcane focus? 

This mod does just that. Turning Geralt into a powerful và fearsome magic warrior.

How Magic Spells Makes The trò chơi Fun:

The variety of spells is astounding, and the spells themselves are customizable.Every spell looks amazing. Truly making you feel lượt thích a powerful caster.The spells are obtained in-game. Which means that you will have another thing to lớn tìm kiếm for & collect.

Get the gian lận here: 

2. God mode. 

God Mode Mod showcase

GTA San Andreas was a great game. There were so many things that you could vày and so many mechanics that were revolutionary for its time. But the very best part of it was when you printed a danh sách of cheat codes from IGN và went absolutely off the rails with them. Crashing a flying thẻ against a helicopter, jumping out at the last possible second, taking no fall damage, và then blowing up a police tank with a bazooka. 

What I’m saying is. If wrecking absolutely everything in your path và going crazy is your thing, & I have sầu the feeling that it is, then this is the thủ thuật you want.

How God Mode Makes The Game Fun:

Nothing beats the feeling of being able lớn bởi vì whatever you want whenever you want.Getting a little too frustrated with an enemy? Activate this thủ thuật and show them who’s boss.Also great if you want to lớn speedrun through a section of the game. You can disable it whenever you want. 

Get the hack here: 

1. Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition. 

Enhanced Edition mod walkthrough

This hack takes the Witcher 3 và turns immersion up to eleven. It is a revamp of pretty much every mechanic in the game. Ensuring a brand-new experience from start to finish. 

There’s pretty much no part of the game that remains unchanged in the enhanced edition.

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Fair warning though, this gian lận does not play well with other mods. So you’ll have lớn leave sầu your Henry Cavill-looking Geralternative text behind và start the game from scratch if you want to lớn use it.

Still, if a new experience is what you’re after. It doesn’t get any newer than this. 

How Enhanced Edition Makes The trò chơi Fun:

Realism’s the name of the game. Enhanced edition makes your playthrough more realistic than ever.Especially great if you miss the first game’s mechanics.Practically a br& new, much more challenging game.

Get the thủ thuật here:

And there you have sầu it! I promised you a brvà new experience và if roaming-around-as-a-powerful-warlock-with-the-face-of-Henry-Cavill-and-the-body-of-Imlerith-next-to-your-all-Zoltan-five-person-squad-and-also-oh-my-god-everyone’s-naked-because-you-REFUSED-to-listen-to-me-about-nude-mods is not a brvà new experience then I don’t know what is. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have sầu a heavily-modded Witcher 3 running at two frames per second that’s just waiting to lớn be played. 

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