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Coin Master
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CasualGet ready, you’re about to lớn step into endless battles in Coin Master MOD APK version! With Unlimited Money và Spins, you will easily destroy the territory, plunder any player.

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Table of contentsAbout Coin MasterMOD APK version of Coin Master

About Coin Master

Simple, community-based và new-to-play games always have sầu a strong appeal to players anywhere in the world. And Coin Master is an example. If you expect a simple pirate style game that allows you to “steal” the resources of your friends to build your own village, then Coin Master is the game for you. You will be transformed inlớn a pirate, make money in the khung of spinning luchồng, or loot the village of friends. Coin Master will give sầu you the feeling of excitement và excitement.

Coin Master is a pirate-style game by Moon Active sầu released on both Android & iOS platforms. The game was created as a remake of all the problems that the Pirate Kings have encountered and made itself die. It is still your job lớn build your own village. And you will have lớn lead a pirate army to lớn take over, destroy and rob the resources of other villages lớn build up your village.


Build up your village

Starting the game, you will go to lớn a deserted island, set up your village và start building the first buildings. You can build houses, build statues, build animal shelters, a small garden & a boat for travel.


You will need money, a lot of money lớn upgrade your village more & more beautiful & earn a lot of stars. Stars are the unit to lớn compare the wealth of players, not gold.

When you nâng cấp all the buildings on the island lớn a certain màn chơi, you can unloông chồng more new islands.

Lucky wheel – Soul of the game


The lucky wheel is the most important feature of Coin Master, where you can try your luck. Each time you shoot, you will have the opportunity to receive sầu gold coins, shields, opportunities lớn attack other villages or loot a friend’s money. Getting three coin or gold coin icons will give sầu you a lot of money or get three hammers khổng lồ give you the chance to lớn attaông chồng a village. To receive a shield protecting your village from attacks by other players, you need to lớn get three consecutive shields. Especially get the symbol of 3 pink pigs will give sầu you the opportunity to lớn rob the money of other players.

Pirates lượt thích a true pirate

The Lucky wheel is not the only way to lớn make money. Besides, you can go looting from other players. Destroying buildings, or simply robbing money, will help you get rich. Attaông xã và destroy the entire village of enemies, take revenge on those who attacked you và take baông xã what you have sầu.

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If you get the thunder hammer, you will be destroying a building in the village of the enemy, & receive sầu a corresponding amount.

If you get the pink pig, you will get three times to lớn steal gold coins. This will bring you huge amounts of money. It is extremely difficult to get three pink pigs.

Champion rankings!

Coin Master is an online game where you will have sầu to lớn attaông xã & loot the village of other players from around the world. The game has a ranking list of the strongest Coin Master; you can write your name here.

MOD APK version of Coin Master

It will be uncomfortable to wait for the spin count to lớn recover. That’s why the MOD version of this game was born.

MOD features

As mentioned from the beginning, the MOD APK version of Coin Master has 2 features.

Unlimited Money: You will have a lot of money khổng lồ siêu thị và nâng cấp your village.

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Unlimited Spins: With unlimited spins, you will quickly destroy the villages of other players. And robbed them of so much money!

Download Coin Master MOD APK for Android

If you lượt thích khổng lồ poke fun at friends, you can play Coin Master & invite your hater to play with hyên all day long and break his house for hyên. The game supports both Android và iOS platforms, players will have sầu to connect khổng lồ their Facebook account to play.

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