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Players have sầu the option khổng lồ select from 5 maps that are available in PUBG . All of these maps are different from each other và they bring a chất lượng flavor to the table.

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PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds Maps

Here is a detailed look on all five sầu maps of the game:

Erangel Map

PUBG’s Erangel is the game’s first playable map, which is laid out on an 8km X 8km grid, making it four times larger than the recently released Sanhok maps. With such a large playing area, one could strategize their drop khổng lồ maximise their survival during the initial stages of the game. Additionally, one might find themselves using vehicles on an occasional basis khổng lồ traverse across this beautiful bản đồ.

Erangel features a blend of cities, small towns, a power plant và a military place dotted over vast green lands, allowing the player khổng lồ explore it with greater interest. The maps offers dynamic weather, và with the large distances, one can expect all kinds of gunfights, including intense short bursts or those long-range xạ thủ attacks.

There are no exclusive weapons available on Erangel. SCAR-L assault rifle comes cthảm bại as it only features on Erangel và Miramar.

Erangel Map Loot Places

One could find maximum loot at the following three loot areas in the Erangel maps. However, one should be extremely careful as these areas are usually swarming with other players during the initial stages of the game.

Sosnovka Military Base – Located in the southern isl&, the Sosnovka Military Base is one of the best places in the game where you can find consistent loot that consists high quantities of weapons, armour and attachments.

School – The school is located at the centre of the Erangel map and is one of the more popular places amongst the players due khổng lồ the proximity of its location. One can find good quantities of loot that includes assault rifles, DMRs & mostly cấp độ 2 gear.

Mylta Power – Located in the east, the Mylta nguồn is a power plant that offers high quantities of supreme loot including xạ thủ rifle attachments & cấp độ 3 military gear.

Other areas that contain reasonable amounts of loot include the Pochinki, Gerogepol, Prison & Novorepnoye. 

Erangel Map Guide – Start Locations

Erangel is a very large bản đồ & the ikhuyến mãi location to lớn parachute yourself would a zone that is far away from the loot areas but still has a high spawn rate of vehicles, allowing you khổng lồ quickly travel towards the concentrated areas while your opponents eliminate each other.

Miramar Map


PUBG’s Miramar is the second-playable maps released by the company behind the franchise. Like Erangel, this maps too is laid out on an 8km X 8km grid, giving the players enough freedom of choice lớn plan their approach to lớn become the last man standing carefully. However, unlượt thích the lush green area of Erangel, the Miramar features a desert environment with minimal foliage. Buildings are the only sources of refuge if one is planning lớn avoid action for the most part of the game.

Win94 xạ thủ rifle is exclusively available in the Miramar maps. SCAR-L, Sawed-off & R45 the other Miramar weapons that are not freely available across all the three PUBG maps.

Miramar Map Loot Places

One could find maximum loot at the following three loot areas in the Miramar bản đồ. However, one should be extremely careful as these areas are usually swarming with other players during the initial stages of the game.

Prison – The prison is located in the south-west corner of the bản đồ, away from all the action that usually happens at the centre of Miramar. Nevertheless, the prison on a small islvà is a wonderful place for players who are looking for loot featuring weapons and armour.

Pecabởi vì – The Pecado offers high-unique loot but features stiff competition during the early stages of the game due to lớn its positioning in the centre of the bản đồ. Quite a few players tend lớn drop towards the centre, & one must be on their toes lớn navigate through the chaos seen while gathering the loot.

Campo Militar – Campo Militar is located in the north-east corner of the bản đồ, và one has lớn bởi enough travelling khổng lồ reach this spot if they choose to parachute themselves inlớn the central area of the maps.

Other loot areas in Miramar include Planta Potabilizadora và Haciendomain authority Del Patron.

Miramar Map Guide – Start Locations

Parachuting yourself into one of the loot locations is an igiảm giá khuyến mãi strategy to stoông chồng up in the early stages of the game. However, this could be a risky move as one faces stiff competition with a bunch of players dropping in the same location. Ideally, one could l& far off from a popular loot area and quickly move to the area with a vehicle and rush bachồng to the safe zone.

Sanhok Map


Unlượt thích the other PUBG maps, Sanhok is specifically designed so that the players on the map encounter a faster pace throughout the round. The bản đồ is 4km X 4km, which is four times smaller than the others offering an enhanced challenge.

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Inspired by the rainforests of the Southeast Asian region, Sanhok features lush greenery that is dotted with buildings, ruins & military bases alongside an expansive sầu road and river network. Most importantly, the map marked the return of the weather system to the game along with better weapon spawns for a faster gameplay experience.

Additionally, the bản đồ brings in a couple of exclusive sầu vehicles and weapons, including the QBZ 95 assault rifle và the QBU88 Designated Marksman rifle.

Sanhok Map Loot Places

One could find maximum loot at the following three loot areas in the Sanhok map:

Ruins – The ruins are extensively dotted with loot across multiple floors making it a hotly-contested area during the initial stages of the game, and one should paông chồng in enough firepower to survive sầu the early onslaught.

Bootcamp – This area houses tonnes weapons & is an igiảm giá khuyến mãi place for people looking lớn stochồng up before entering the battle zone during the final stages of the round.

Camp Altrộn, Bravo và Charlie – Although not high on loot, it is observed that these three camps have sầu a relatively high amount of spawn gear, forcing a swarm of players towards these locations.

Other areas of interest include the Paradise Resort & the Docks.

Sanhok Map Guide – Start Locations

Naturally, parachuting yourself into lớn one of the loot areas gives you an opportunity to lớn stock up on your supplies early on in the game. However, one faces stiff competition at these moments và plan the strategy well.

As Sanhok is quarter the form size of the other two maps on PUBG, landing at locations near the edges of the bản đồ could help one plan their approach as one does not need to lớn traverse huge distances khổng lồ maintain themselves in the safe zone.

Vikendi Map


Vikendi is a snow map introduced across all platforms in PUBG. It is the forth map khổng lồ be introduced in this battle royale game. Vikendi is a 6Km X 6Km bản đồ which a bit bigger than Sanhok but smaller than Erangel & Miramar. Based on an isolated Northern resort isl&, players can play both day & night version of the bản đồ.

Vikendi also happens to be the only maps which has G36C, an assault rifle. Major cities in Vikendi include Dobro Mesto, Goroka, Podvoslớn và Volnova.

Vikendi Map Loot Places

Dino Park

Cement Factory


Hot Springs


Karakin Map

Karakin is the lathử nghiệm bản đồ released by PUBG Corp in the game. The maps is the smallest in kích cỡ out of all the available maps and it feels like a combination of Miramar và Sanhok. Karakin is a desert map that packs a lot of punch. The weapon spawn rate in the game is low compared khổng lồ other maps(at least for the top tier) & using Winchester is important. The spawn rate for utilities is also low và players have to lớn make the best out of what they find.

There are six big towns located in the corners of the maps & the entire midsection of the map is filled with small structures. The only six named towns in Karakin are -

Al HayikHadiqa NemoBasharaCargo ShipBahr SahirAl Habar

Karakin is quite different from other maps in terms of gameplay. It is very fast-paced & players with an aggressive approach will find it more comfortable. As of now the maps is only available of PUBG PC but expect it to lớn arrive on Smartphone platsize soon.

PUBG Map Comparison

Size8x8 km8x8 km4x4 km6x6 km
Lvà Area (%)51.47%80.59%49.26%40.29%
Water Area (%)48.53%19.41%50.74%59.71%
Total Vehicle Spawns633(+1)452198336
Total Loot Spawns24,058(+18)43,34313,88928,614
Military Weapon Spawns4,689(+18)7,9294,5465,443
Player Start Spawns101056
Ejectable Area (%)58.71%64.79%38.47%58.78%
Road Coverage4.28%6.92%7.27%

New PUBG maps

Tencent has confirmed that Erangel 2.0 is coming to the game. The new PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds maps is a revamped version of the original Erangel & will retain its elements for the most part. The new changes include new structures, new terrains, & crisper design, The exact release date for the maps has not been revealed yet but it expected lớn arrive sầu soon. A teaser has been released by Tencent which shows few glimpses of the new bản đồ.


1. How many maps are available on PUBG mobile?

A. PlayerUnknown"s Battleground has a total of 5 maps.

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2. What are the names of PUBG maps?

A. The names of PUBG maps are - Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin

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