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Manta is a fully functional Dota 2 replay parser written in Go, targeting the Source 2 (Dota 2 Reborn) game engine.

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Getting Started

Manta is a low-màn chơi replay parser, meaning that it will provide you access lớn the raw data in the trả lời, but doesn"t provide any opinion on how that data should be structured for your use case. You"ll need khổng lồ create callbaông chồng functions, inspect the raw data, và decide how you"re going lớn use it.


Get the code:

import ( "log" "os" "" "")func main() // Create a new parser instance from a tệp tin. Alternatively see NewParser(<>byte) f, err := os.Open("my_trả lời.dem") if err != nil log.Fatalf("unable to open file: %s", err) defer f.Close() p, err := manta.NewStreamParser(f) if err != nil log.Fatalf("unable to create parser: %s", err) // Register a callback, this time for the OnCUserMessageSayText2 event. p.Callbacks.OnCUserMessageSayText2(func(m *dota.CUserMessageSayText2) error log.Printf("%s said: %s ", m.GetParam1(), m.GetParam2()) return nil ) // Start parsing the replay! p.Start() log.Printf("Parse Complete! ")


To run make update you will need the latest version of the protobuf package:

go get -u

You will also need GNU sed. To install GNU sed on Mac OS X:

# Install GNU sedbrew install gnu-sed# Create a symlinks in /usr/local/binln -s /usr/local/bin/gsed /usr/local/bin/sed# Ensure that /usr/local/bin is foremost in your PATHexport PATH="/usr/local/bin:$PATH"


Manta is distributed under the MIT license.

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Code of Conduct

Manta has adopted the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

Getting Help

The best place to lớn ask questions about Dota 2 replay parsing is the #dota2replay channel on QuakeNet, where we"re happy khổng lồ answer any questions you may have. Please only open issues for actual bugs in manta, not questions about usage.

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Looking to parse Source 1 (original Dota 2) replays? Take a look at Yasha.

Authors và Acknowledgements

Manta is maintained và development is sponsored by Dotabuff, a leading Dota 2 community trang web with an emphasis on statistics. Manta wouldn"t exist without the efforts of a number of people:

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