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This KZ ED9 earphone has a simple packaging, it comes in a plastic box và holds the headset in sponge khổng lồ protect it during transport. Along with these headphones are two pairs of different sized tips, a pair of filters placed in the middle to emphaform size that this KZ ED9 headmix can change the sound quality by changing this pair of filters. Attached to lớn the KZ ED9 headphối is a bass boost filter, the other pair creates a balanced and detailed sound.

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This KZ ED9 earphone uses metal as a housing, so it will create durability over time as well as make the KZ ED9 headset more advanced. The design of this KZ ED9 headmix is quite compact, beautiful with handwritten line left (L) và right (R) & mã sản phẩm KZ: 01ED9.


This KZ ED9 headphối is very good, durable and beautiful. Anti-tangle cord for everyday use. Attached on the wire is a microphone with a mechanical key, integrated to listen and transfer cards more convenient.

Jack: The LZ KZ ED9 headmix jaông xã, engraved on the jack is the KZ logo sản phẩm, plated copper to keep the best sound quality from the jack to lớn the earcup.

For us, the sound quality of this KZ ED9 headmix is still the highlight that this headset brings.

First is the bass range, KZ ED9 offers users a choice of volume of this range by changing the filter tube that comes with the headset. Using a bass filter, KZ ED9 will hear a full, powerful bass range.

However, KZ ED9 headphones are not bassy, not too svào, but the sub bass goes deep, making the hums of EDM electronic music will vibrate và equally accurate, roông chồng và metal versions will have sầu a highlight of the drum worth & contemporary pop music with electronic drum beats makes the music sound fun.

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If you change to regular filter, this range will be reduced quite a lot, no longer pounding as the bass filter, completely changing the overall sound unique of KZ ED9 headphones. Making this series thinner và overall sound chất lượng will be more balanced, but it will be quite boring & no longer interesting khổng lồ hear with this filter.

The mid range that KZ ED9 brings is warm and smooth, with bass filter, this range sounds quite hit in the low mid, highlighting the singer’s voice as well as the dominant instrumental background. We listen to lớn this KZ ED9 headset with Yurica / Hanatan’s song Ame Ka Yume with the powerful vocal of this female singer. At the beginning of the song, the violin of this tuy vậy pulls warm listening with low & thin notes in the hi-mid when the hi-hat is tapped. The vocadanh sách of this singer is a bit warm & heavy with this tuy nhiên when listening with KZ ED9.

When singers try khổng lồ sing a little stronger, the vocal will be floating on the background of electric guitar, violin and bass guitar at high notes. The vocal quality is quite bright with this KZ ED9 headset. The annoying disadvantage here is that the hi-mid range has many siblings if you listen to lớn Japanese vocal tracks, Anime & Vocaloid (generally the songs with bright vocals) will surely be shrill & very uncomfortable trying lớn enjoy the tuy vậy to lớn the fullest.

There is some influence on hi-mid, treb range is also a bit harsh because of the volume. In return, the overall treb range that the KZ ED9 headmix brings is quite smooth, bright, detailed và deep background, making the music listeners will be full of energy and vitality. Roông xã or metal versions have sầu symbal, hi-hat or ride sounds quite clear, separate from snare & bright, not submerged like most headphones today.

The good separation of this range also makes this KZ ED9 headset a wide soundstage, making it easy for listeners lớn know where each instrument is easily with the treb range like this.

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Soundstage that KZ ED9 headphones bring a sense of separation clearly each instrument, thanks to the aforementioned treb sequence, the soundstage makes a difference compared lớn the same-range headphones. Although there is no depth, but the separate treb will create a sense of space and airiness, as if bringing the audience to a small concert, along with the exact harmony of the musicians in the music. that the listener is listening, KZ ED9 headphones will bring people the music full of life & warmth.


+ Sound chất lượng exceeds expectations

+ Fun with bass strings solid & solid, easy to lớn get addicted

+ Change sound unique by filter

+ Good housing quality

+ Wide soundstage


+ Mid và treb sometimes harsh with the bass listener

+ Bass is sometimes too thiông xã compared to some tracks

+ Sounds pretty boring when using regular filters

+ Accessories are not much, users have sầu to buy headphones box by themselves

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