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I am currently using att and have an iPhone 7+. I purchased a BlackBerry KeyOne that can be used on sprint thinking I would be able khổng lồ use it. It is unlocked however I keep getting the error that the device is ineligible after typing the imei & my current phone number in.

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I paid off my iPhone 7+ cash, then learned I can’t use it on sprint (cdma)

I bought the keyone cash

I’m out quite a bit of money at this point and need some guidance if possible. I really appreciate everything and anything.


Are you certain that you got the right Mã Sản Phẩm of Keyone for Sprint? The GSM version will not work on Sprint since it’s missing the CDMA capability, và I’m not 100% that you can even use the unlocked CDMA version, that is meant for Verizon, on Sprint either. The CDMA unlocked Model has the correct hardware, but I don’t know if Sprint will activate it or not.

The CDMA NA version does not work with Sprint. Just all the other carriers.

You bought two wrong phones. KeyONE cannot be used on Sprint unless it’s the Sprint specific version.

Time to lớn sell two phones and make sure the next one you buy works on Sprint.

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Have sầu questions on phone compatibility or bringing your current phone to lớn Sprint? See Sprint's Bring Your Own Phone page for a list of eligible devices và for how to purchase a SIM kit. For certain devices, you may have sầu to lớn request your ESN be added via DNA2 or a ClickIt Ticket at a Retail Store. Also see the Wiki.

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Note: Sprint's system does not use IMEIs, it uses the device MEID. This is usually the IMEI without the last digit. If you are encountering an error when trying lớn use an IMEI, remove the last digit. This is the basis of a lot of "errors" people seem to be getting. There is no error. You're trying to lớn use the wrong device identifier. An IMEI is 15 digits long, but an MEID is only 14 digits.

cảnh báo, you will not experience full speeds/coverage when using devices which laông xã full LTE Band support, Carrier Aggregation support or HPUE support on Sprint. For reference, Sprint utilizes LTE Bands 25, 26, & 41.

Do you have sầu a new compatible device you want khổng lồ swap to? Activate it here.

The My Sprint App is available for iOS Devices on the App Store và for Android Devices on Google Play. Report speed/coverage issues và manage your account.

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