Some of the best pranks that John Cena has been a part of. Including the famous John Cemãng cầu pranks gọi và the unexpected Cena

John Cemãng cầu has been the epicentre of the WWE for more than a decade now. Along with arguably being one of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time & perhaps the most popular one of this generation, he has been involved in a lot of pranks over the years – directly or indirectly.

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With the advent of the mạng internet and social media, it provided a nice medium for a certain ‘Prank’ culture lớn develop and khổng lồ be captured & stored by the proliferating domain of the World Wide Web. On this note, we take a look at the 5 best John Cena pranks of all time

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#5 A pre-fame John Cemãng cầu spoofs during the auditions
The Wrestling fans, especially some of the more hardcore ones, have never been shy of expressing their desire lớn see John Cena finally make his move to the dark side.

Cemãng cầu has always maintained that he is a company guy first & foremost and believes that becoming a bad guy would entail not being true to lớn who he is in real life. Needless to lớn say, John Cemãng cầu does hear all the chatter surrounding the same and has never pulled any punches lớn prank and troll the fans who continue lớn clamour for The Champ’s heel turn.

Everyone knows the popular meme of the ‘Unexpected John Cena’ or ‘It’s John Cena’. No one knew though that some day the meme would become a reality.

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That is exactly what happened when the 15-time World Champion surprised fans as part of a hidden camera prank for Cricket Wireless. Before the official prank began, Cena stated:

“I have sầu invaded the mạng internet on a sometimes annoying meme.Thanks to Cricket Wireless, today we get lớn make that meme real."

CW gathered a bunch of John Cena superfans & duped them inlớn taking part inkhổng lồ a commercial for their soon-to-be-launched WWE-themed store.

As each fan described the quality they admired the most about Big Match John, Cemãng cầu would then tear through the Cricket Wireless sign flanked by a group of trumpet players playing a version of his theme tuy nhiên ‘My time is now’

Cena"s sudden appearance certainly overwhelmed some fans who ran immediately to lớn hug hlặng or fell down onkhổng lồ the floor lượt thích one tín đồ in particular who noted how he would "risk a limb" lớn meet Cena.

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This surprise prank was inspired by the frequently used meme in which Cena would appear or his theme music would play in a completely unrelated Clip clip involving movies or TV shows. Here is the full Clip of the John Cena hidden camera prank by Cricket Wireless:

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