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Well, this is odd. Apple has finally released the mysteriously named iOS 11.2.5, giving no reason as lớn why it broke sequential numbering for the first time in iOS history (iOS 11.2.2 was the previous release). Moreover, there’s not a lot khổng lồ get excited about & a surprisingly wide range of problems currently being reported. So should you upgrade?

Here’s everything you need khổng lồ know…

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Who Is iOS 11.2.5 For?

Despite its odd numbering, iOS 11.2.5 is just like any standard iOS 11 release in that it is compatible with the iPhone 5S or later, ipad tablet mini 2 or later & 6th generation iPod touch or later.

Apple will automatically prompt you khổng lồ install iOS 11.2.5, but should this not happen you can trigger the update manually by going to lớn Settings > General > Software Update. Apple iOS beta testers, remember you may have sầu to unroll your device for the update lớn appear - especially if you are running the major new iOS 11.3 beta (more on that later).

iOS updates vary in form size (different features/fixes apply to different devices) but iOS 11.2.5 is larger than your usual ‘minor point’ nâng cấp (circa 50-100MB) weighing in at up lớn 178MB. Note: if you’re still running iOS 10 (or even iOS 9), then iOS 11.2.5 will roll up the large iOS 11 updates inlớn a single major upgrade causing it to lớn weigh in at several gigabytes.

The Deal Breakers

Yes, loyal jailbreakers you will need to lớn avoid this one. Despite Google releasing iOS 11.2.2 exploit details, iOS 11.2.5 is a different animal và there’s no jailbreak currently available for it.

As for the initial iOS 11.2.5 stability reports, I have sầu good và bad news. The good news is iOS 11.2.5 doesn’t currently have sầu one overwhelming problem affecting millions of users. The bad news is upgraders are reporting it has an unusually wide range of more isolated ones.

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These include lockscreen issues, ringtone bugs, outright bricking of devices (1,2,3,4,5), performance drops (1,2,3), Apple Watch pairing problems, degraded WiFi and CarPlay issues with Ford and Skodomain authority. Inevitably the big battery life drops reported ever since iOS 11 first launched in September are showing little sign of abating either (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7 etc).

As always I will update this article if any of the problems mentioned above escalate.

So What Do You Get?

While iOS 11.2.5 contains little khổng lồ make you rush out & tăng cấp (it isn’t essential lượt thích iOS 11.2.2), it breaks the mold for minor point releases by having more than just bug fixes. Apple’s release notes state:

“iOS 11.2.5 includes tư vấn for HomePod and introduces the ability for Siri lớn read the news (US, UK & nước Australia only). This update also includes bug fixes & improvements.”

Both these features are fairly self-explanatory. HomePod pre-orders begin January 26th with a release on February 9th so support was needed & Siri’s new reading is triggered if you ask about news of the day via a handskhông tính tiền method like saying “Hey Siri”. This uses Podcast news and you can choose from the likes of Nquảng cáo, Fox News (please don’t), CNN và The Washington Post và can be fine-tuned if you ask about sports, business or music news.

Not mentioned in the release notes, but worth pointing out is iOS 11.2.5 brings a new UI for audio controls in the music widget. This lists all playback sources individually rather than amalgamating them &, in my opinion, makes it easier to toggle between sources. There’s additional VoiceOver accessibility tư vấn as well with travel destinations and AirPod battery levels now able khổng lồ be read out.

As for security, Apple’s official page lists fixes for vulnerabilities in Bluetooth, audio playbachồng and WebKit (the core of Safari) và there are bug fixes for the Phone phầm mềm (incomplete hotline lists), Mail (Exchange accounts missing on the lock screen), Messages (jumbled conversations) và CarPlay (freezing when jumping multiple tracks).

Apple iOS 11.2.5 Verdict: Wait, For Now

Despite a few incremental improvements, there’s nothing essential in this release lượt thích the Spectre & Meltdown mitigations in iOS 11.2.2. As such, given the wide array of problems currently being reported, I’d wait and see if any of them escalate as more and more users blindly nâng cấp.

The only exception to lớn this rule is if you plan on buying a HomePod as you will need the tư vấn iOS 11.2.5. Even then HomePod isn’t released until February 9th, so you can still wait.

The Road Ahead

For those who choose to lớn hold fire, you shouldn’t have sầu to wait long for the next nâng cấp. That will be iOS 11.3 và it is the big one. iOS 11.3 brings the detailed battery diagnostics và clarity users have deserved ever since the shutdown debacle began well over a year ago, & which I was first lớn report.

While long overdue, iOS 11.3 will also give users control over how their iPhones and iPads operate as their batteries degrade and upfront warnings when the battery should be replaced. This should have sầu been the strategy from the start, but it is good to lớn see Apple finally bkết thúc to public & (a lot of) legal pressure.


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