Huawei gr5 2017 pro camera kép, ram 4gb, rom 64gb giảm giá

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The Honor 6X isn’t an entirely new phone. Although it experienced an international launch earlier this month, it’s been around since its original unveiling in China last October. We’ve sầu been using it since acquiring a unit at CES 2017; here’s my take on the midrange smartphone.

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Hold on… Honor what?

Honor is the hipper, more youthful sub-br& of The latter is all about class & the highest-over features, whereas Honor caters to lớn youngsters on a tighter budget. The 6X is the lakiểm tra in the series, and it starts at $250.

The version we have sầu on h& has 3 GB of memory và 32 GB of internal storage that’s expandable using a microSD card. There’s also a variant with 4 GB of memory và 64 GB of storage costing $300. Both have a 5.5-inch Full HD display and hybrid dual-SIM thẻ tray.

In certain regions, this phone goes by the name GR5 2017 or Mate 9 Lite. That’s so confusing! This has lớn vày with the Honor br& being sold exclusively online wherever it’s available; by branding it under, markets that prefer offline sales, such as Indonesia and the Philippines, can identify the phone a lot easier.

Why should you care?

The Honor 6X might look lượt thích a typical metal-bodied Chinese smartphone, but its edge lies in having a dual-camera setup at the baông chồng. While it doesn’t provide optical zoom lượt thích on Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus or improved image unique similar khổng lồ the Mate 9, you can produce photos with added blur in the background, even after taking the shot.

This is made possible with one 12-megapx camera capturing the scene & another 2-megapx sensor recording depth information. Snap away all you want in the camera app’s dual-camera mode, và readjust the focus point và amount of background blur whenever you feel lượt thích it in the pre-installed gallery ứng dụng.

Is the extra camera worth it?

Yes, but it takes some practice khổng lồ get it right. You must also underst& that while loves comparing the Honor 6X’s photos to lớn those of real cameras, the shallow depth-of-field of the 6X clearly looks kém chất lượng to trained eyes. Once you get the hang of it, creating artsy photos becomes fun, as long as it’s done in moderation.

How about the main camera?

After spending days in dual-camera mode, I eventually got tired of all the afterthought needed and switched to lớn using just the main 12-megapixel shooter full time. It’s only here I uncovered most of the camera’s weaknesses.

As much as I lượt thích the simplistic camera interface and easy application of filters, the shooting speed isn’t that great. Shots taken at night are also incredibly noisy. The LED flash helped when subjects were cthảm bại enough, but I otherwise avoided relying on the Honor 6X khổng lồ produce anything presentable under crappy lighting.

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The 8-megapx selfie camera has the same nighttime problem, và even though daylight snaps were fine, the focal length is kind of narrow, so you won’t be able lớn fit lots of friends or much of the background.

So, is there anything special beyond the cameras?

Not really, but I vị appreciate the build unique. The all-metal toàn thân reminds me of the OnePlus 3’s, which means it’s solid & a pleasure to lớn grip. The fingerprint scanner is fast, as well — typical of Everything else is painfully average, from the screen’s maximum brightness khổng lồ the speaker’s max volume.

The battery life can be described as just good enough. It’ll net you four hours of screen-on time through a day’s worth of mixed usage; a little more over a course of two days if you leave sầu Smartphone data off or lower the display brightness. Fast charging is available using the bundled charger, bringing the 3340mAh battery to full in less than two hours.

If you’re looking to turn this inkhổng lồ a Smartphone gaming machine, expect average graphics performance. Titles such as Asphalternative text 8 và the NBA 2K series are too much to handle for the Honor 6X on the highest settings. Tone them down, và you’ll get acceptable frame rates.

Any deal-breakers?

This is totally my own opinion, but I’m not a fan of’s Android interface. It feels so outdated và unintuitive sầu compared lớn other Android skins: The notifications shade covers the entire screen; it takes an extra swipe to access quichồng settings; the app overview thực đơn isn’t snappy enough; and customization options are minimal.

It also doesn’t help that it’ll be stuck at Android 6.0 Marshmallow for a while, và not the significantly better seventh-generation Nougat. The overall performance isn’t that smooth either, mostly because of the middling Kirin 655 processor designed by itself. You’ll notice heavier apps lượt thích Facebook take longer than usual khổng lồ load, even when the memory và storage aren’t full.

And, strangely enough for a 2017 smartphone, the Honor 6X still has a micro-USB port, not the newer & faster USB-C standard. If you’re gradually updating all your chargers for the new port, the Honor 6X will make you regret starting so early.

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Is this your GadgetMatch? is targeting younger crowds for this Honor, which is probably a good idea. It’s relatively affordable, has a newish feature in its dual-camera, and feels lượt thích it can handle several drops. The downsides are all things you can eventually get used lớn, so the Honor 6X may become your GadgetMatch after a few weeks of use. For a handphối trying lớn vì chưng everything without breaking the $300 line, the Honor 6X / GR5 2017 / Mate 9 Lite is a smart choice.

Available colors are gold, silver, and gray

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