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There are few tabs in the head of script: “Settings”, “Abilities”, “Combos”, “Orbs” and “Overlay”. I’m going to lớn get started with the most important tab, named “Abilities”.

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Here one can find 3 big columns: “Invoke”, “Invoke+Cast” và “Cast”.

Abilities tab

The first column is responsible for abilities invocation, abilities preparation. Here you can assign any dedicated hotkey or combination of hotkeys. For instance: Alt+R, Ctrl+R or Space+R. Hotkeys with the space-modifier are especially convenient and relevant. Because, the first, it’s quite comfortable to lớn press them (so, you may press space bar with your thumb & the main hotkey with any other finger). And the second, it’s the most reliable way, which suits khổng lồ the majority of players. Other modifiers can be simply used by Dota 2. For instance, Alt is oftenly used lớn ping on map, Ctrl is used for managing control groups & for upgrading nhân vật abilities. And finally Shift is also used for managing control groups or for adding some actions lớn the queue.

The second column – “Invoke + Cast”. You could use these hotkeys lớn invoke ability & instantly apply lớn the current mouse position. Then starts the ability cooldown timer off on the overlay. Many users prefer khổng lồ use ability “Ghost Walk” immediately upon the invocation. It’s also maybe useful with frequently used abilities lượt thích “Forge Spirit” or “Alacrity”.

Next in line – The 3rd column – “Cast”. These hotkeys apply choosen abilities to the current cursor position & start off the cooldown timer on overlay. Looking at overlay, you can easily get, which ones abilities are available at the moment and which ones are not.

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If desired, it’s possible to apply only this one – the 3rd column. For this posibility you should open tab “Settings” and check the box “Clever Mode”. So now, you can prepare và cast any ability you want via just the same hotkey. That is, for example, when you press hotkey “F”, you prepare the “Forge Spirit” ability. And when you press hotkey “F” the second time, you invoke “Forge Spirit” to the battlefield.

Ablities tab

Here one can see relevant settings. Many playes find them quite good, comfortable, practical. As you can see, hotkeys for casting abilities are copied into lớn the first column. The differences are only in modifier. That is, for example, to prepare “Cold Snap” ability you should use Space+R, and khổng lồ apply this one, you should press just “R” hotkey without space modifier. Many players prefer to use abilities by their position with 4th & 5th abilities buttons (D và F keys by default). If you are one them you could open “Settings” tab & then empty checkbox “Enable legacy hotkeys”.

There are 2 small additional columns at the bottom: “Invoke + Selfcast” and just “Selfcast”. They were designed khổng lồ apply alacrity khổng lồ yourself và khổng lồ invoke cataclysm to lớn the battlefield. Here is important point. You should enable option “Smart Double Tap” in Dota 2 settings.


Spheres tab

Tab “Spheres” allows you khổng lồ quickly switch spheres to lớn 3 Quases, 3 Wexes or 3 Exorts. Many users prefer to switch spheres on hotkeys Q, W, E instantly by 3 spheres. And there is no actually reasons to switch spheres by 1 unit. That’s why you can confidently put here into boxes same hotkeys, that you use in Dota 2.

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There is also a function, that automatically returns spheres to mặc định statement after each ability invocation and an additional “Easy lane stage” function, which switches spheres to lớn “Exort” before each attachồng & then restores spheres back khổng lồ default statement. This is especially convenient at the lane stage. When player requiers A) max HP regene to lớn feel himself protected and B) max damage to farm efficiently. So, using this program, you get both bonuses at the same time.


Overlay tab

At the “Overlay” tab is placed exactly overlay – a graphical representation of abilities cooldowns. It shows how many time left before ability becomes ready khổng lồ use. You can thiết đặt the form, position, size & transparency of overlay. If prefered, you can also disable it. It’s recommended once to lớn setup moving hotkey and mix overlay up in convenient for you way. Then program remebers your settings & applies them by default..

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