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Go khổng lồ Settings >Wallpaper >Choose a New Wallpaper > Live.To use a custom live sầu wallpaper, select your Live Photos album. When you find a wallpaper you want to lớn use, tap Set.To see the live sầu wallpaper in action on the loông chồng screen, tap and hold the live wallpaper until the image starts moving.

This article explains how khổng lồ phối Live Wallpapers on an iPhone. The instructions in this article apply lớn iPhone 6Sand newer, including the iPhone 12. The iPhone XR and both generations of the iPhone SE don"t support Live Wallpaper.

How to Set Dynamic Wallpaper và Live Wallpaper on iPhone

To use Live sầu Wallpapers or Dynamic Wallpapers on your iPhone, just follow these steps:


Get a fullscreen pĐánh Giá of the wallpaper you"d lượt thích khổng lồ see by tapping it. For Live Wallpapers, tap và hold on the screen khổng lồ see it animate. For Dynamic Wallpapers, just wait và it will animate.


How to Use Dynamic Wallpaper và Live sầu Wallpaper on iPhone

Once you"ve phối your new wallpaper, it"s easy lớn see it in action. Here"s what khổng lồ do:

What happens next depends on what kind of wallpaper you"re using:

Dynamic: Don"t vị anything. The animation simply plays on the Loông xã or trang chủ screen.Live:On the Loông chồng screen, tap & hold until the image starts moving.

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How khổng lồ Use Live sầu Photos as Wallpaper

You"re not be limited khổng lồ the Live Wallpapers that come pre-installed on the iPhone. In fact, you can use any Live sầu Photos that are already on your phone as Live sầu Wallpapers.

Of course, this means you need khổng lồ have sầu a Live sầu Photo lớn already on your phone. Once you"ve sầu taken some Live Photos, just follow these steps:


Go to the trang chủ or Loông xã screen khổng lồ view the new wallpaper. Rethành viên, this is Live sầu Wallpaper, so it will only animate on the Loông chồng screen.

Where to lớn Get More Live sầu Wallpaper và Dynamic Wallpaper for iPhone

If you enjoy Live & Dynamic Wallpapers, you may want khổng lồ get some wallpapers besides than the ones that come pre-loaded on the iPhone.


If you"re a big bạn of Dynamic Wallpapers, I have bad news: you can"t add your own (without jailbreaking, at least). Apple doesn"t allow it. However, if you prefer LiveWallpapers, there are lots of sources of new images, including:

Google: Search for something lượt thích "iPhone live wallpapers" (or similar terms) & you"ll find a ton of sites offering không tính phí downloads.

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Apps: There are a lot of apps in the App Store with tons of free wallpapers. A few to kiểm tra out include:

You can also create your own Clip wallpapers using custom videos you record with your phone. That"s another great way khổng lồ customize your phone in a fun, chất lượng way.

What Are Live sầu Wallpaper & Dynamic Wallpaper, và How Are They Different?

Changing your iPhone wallpaper is a fun và easy way khổng lồ make your phone reflect your personality and interests. Live sầu Wallpapers and Dynamic Wallpapers both add movement khổng lồ your iPhone"s trang chủ screen and lochồng screen. While both of them deliver eye-catching animations, they"re not the same thing. Here"s what makes them different:

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