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Heroes of Skyrealm is a Mobile action MMORPG that emphasizes swapping between heroes in combat to unleash bộ combo attacks và skills, featuring a cast of over 30 distinct characters. Play a variety of game modes that are tied together by an upgradeable airship that acts as a hub for your characters.

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Publisher: Mechanist GamesType: điện thoại MMORPGRelease Date: Q.3 2016Shut Down: August 24, 2017Pros: +Real-time PvP. +Upgradeable airship. +Over 30 playable heroes.Cons: -No release date announced.


Heroes of Skyrealm Overview

Heroes of Skyrealm is an upcoming 3 chiều action MMORPG that features character-driven strategic combat and an airship hub thành phố for the Android and iOS platforms. Players take control of a strong cast of over 30 heroes from ten nations around the globe to take baông chồng the l& from the evil empire, taking refuge in the skies on an upgradeable airship. Pichồng three characters lớn bring into lớn combat và switch between them lớn unleash skills and coordinate bộ combo attacks. Participate in a variety of game modes that span from single-player campaign battles to real-time arena combat, as well as a unique isl& fortress defense mode called TOBA, or Tower Offense Battle Aremãng cầu, that offers user-generated content. Protect your island with a combination of towers, traps, and troops, and raid your rivals" islands for rewards & glory.

Heroes of Skyrealm Key Features:

Over 30 Playable Heroes – choose from over 30 distinct characters khổng lồ play in combat, each heralding from ten different nations inspired by a wide range of genres.

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Character-Focused chơi Game – choose three characters khổng lồ add khổng lồ your party & access each of their six combat abilities by swapping between them in battle.Upgradeable Airship – customize your 3D airship and task your off-duty heroes with work, acting as the hub city for all of your activities.Single và Co-op Campaign – take on the game"s single-player campaign with three characters, or adventure with friends through co-op encounters that rely on teamwork and combination attacks.

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Real-time PvP.. – enter the aremãng cầu to lớn fight other players in real-time, partake in the asynchronous PvP lớn climb the rankings, or play TOBA mode which features tower defense elements.

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