Heroes of the dawn: celtic myth (myth and mankind): time


The official lyric đoạn phim for "Heroes Of The Dawn", a brvà new tuy nhiên from VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, can be seen below. The trachồng is taken from the band"s upcoming album, titled "Wanderers", which will be released on August 30 via Napalm Records.

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According lớn a press release, "Wanderers" "offers a captivating musical and lyrical journey across the untamed seas along a powerful path towards self-discovery. It"s armed with amazing duets by Clémentine DelauneyMichele Guaitoli & is one of the most intense & profound symphonic metal albums the world has seen (or rather, heard) in the past 15 years."

"Wanderers" track listing:

01. Release My Symphony02. Heroes Of The Dawn03. Nothing Lasts Forever04. A Journey To Remember05. A Life Of Our Own06. To The Universe07. Inkhổng lồ The Light08. The Silent Scream09. The Siren & The Sailor10. Wanderers11. At The End Of The World

Bonus tracks:

12. Bring The Storm13. In And Out of Love

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS really went all in regarding its promotional photo lớn shoot for the new album. They chose a deserted beach along the coast of the vast Atlantic Ocean, including stranded pirate ships & a harsh coastline created by the elements. It is quite obvious why the Peninsula of Quiberon was the perfect destination for this photo shoot: the natural light và rough seas supplied a beautiful backdrop và the pictures capture the vision of "Wanderers" perfectly.

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Earlier this year, Delauney said that the follow-up to 2018"s "The Deep & The Dark" would continue in a similar musical direction. "I think it"s going to lớn be done pretty much in the same with "The Deep & The Dark", except we have sầu a new singer now, Michele," she said. "The vocal division and harmonies will be different with him, but we"re looking forward to it. He"s an amazing vocalist. The songs, we trying khổng lồ keep trachồng with "The Deep & The Dark". It"s going khổng lồ be a continuation of the symphonic metal, but it could be a couple of songs will show us under a different light. We need to evolve sầu as a b&. There"s no point in doing "The Deep & The Dark" Part II. The band needs to grow up và evolve sầu. Those who really like that album will definitely not be disappointed."

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS will perkhung with an orchestra for the first time ever at this year"s edition of the Bang Your Head!! festival in Balingene, Germany. The concert will be professionally filmed & recorded for the band"s first-ever Blu-ray/DVD, khổng lồ be released in 2020.

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Photo credit: Emilie Garcin


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