Is grand theft auto about to announce san andreas and vice city next

If you"ve found yourself longing for a sunset drive along the coast in the Grvà Theft Aulớn world, you"re in luchồng, as a new mod for GTA 5 lets you hang out in Vice City again.The nostalgia is real, and it"s neon. Cheông xã out the trailer for Vice Cry: Remastered below.

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Vice Cry: Remastered is a port of Vice Cry, a popular thủ thuật for GTA Vice City that overhauled the game"s graphics baông xã in 2015. It looks like this is a fresh update, as a version titled "1.0" dropped on December 20, 2019, a month or so after the official trailer launched. Vice Cry: Remastered runs as DLC, with new models và textures, working traffic lights, custom population groups, oto generators, better water mechanics, and 3 chiều neon models - amongst other things. The trailer shows off some of the original missions Tommy Vercetti gets himself wrapped up in, but you won"t be able khổng lồ play those in this gian lận. However, there are new missions dropping with Vice Cry: Remastered that make this thủ thuật more than just a fun rebuild of a GTA classic.

Thanks khổng lồ improved graphics tech, you can step inlớn Vice City in GTA 5 & enjoy fictional Miami in all its humid glory. It certainly looks beautiful, with richly textured palm trees mix against brilliant sunsets and water that"s practically begging for you khổng lồ jump in.Download Vice Cry: Remastered and see its beauty for yourself right here.

Speaking of GTA nostalgia, we recently learned that GTA 6 will not feature Carl "CJ" Johnson, the protagonist of GTA: San Andreas.

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