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If they could have sầu an informal get-together lớn consider grants & loans jointly—not necessarily through the joint committee—that would be a major step forward.
Secondly, there should be an annual get-together of neighbourhood watch representatives in each district.
I constantly oppose that kind of get-together because it immediately arouses the suspicions of baông chồng benchers.
Can we imagine the "get-together conferences" with managing directors, & all the same old people in the industry—all coming together with the miners?
I hope that this get-together between the department và the junior doctors will continue and will produce results.
It is almost a denial of the very things which we have sầu had pleaded to-day in the general appeal for a get-together of all sections of industry.
We have got to lớn have a great power get-together on a very dangerous change in world society which it is in all our interests khổng lồ stop.
The most likely reason for the get-together, they say, would have been to lớn save hyên ổn in some way from the peril facing hyên ổn.
She quickly isolates herself from the other girls, saying that she doesn"t need friends, because it"s a competition, not a get-together.
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