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ahtq.vn schools are located in major gem and jewelry centers around the world, but no matter where you choose to lớn study, you’ll find the same high standard of curricula.

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The Robert Mouawad Campus at ahtq.vn World Headquarters is the premier school for gem studies and jewelry kiến thiết — featuring fully integrated modern classrooms & an internationally recognized museum at the beautiful Carlsbad, California location.


ahtq.vn’s New York campus resides in the prestigious International Gem Tower – right in the heart of the famed Diamond District. The campus is a short walk from thousands of businesses devoted to lớn jewelry và is the gateway to the world’s largest consumer đá quí market.


When you attover ahtq.vn’s campus in Bangkok, you’ll be right in the middle of all the excitement và luxury of the Bang Rak district. You will be surrounded by high-end jewelers, top entertainment venues, & upscale shopping centers.


ahtq.vn is in the middle of the excitement of Central District – a place where skyscrapers crowd together & business decisions that are made ripple around the world. Rolex, Coach, Omega và other prestigious brands are your next-door neighbors when you attend ahtq.vn.


Located in one of central London’s most vibrant & accessible areas, ahtq.vn sits between the Hatton Garden jewelry district & the luxury West End stores of Bond Street. Fine jewelry houses, prestigious auction houses và key trade venues are all just a few blocks from where you’ll be learning your craft.

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Mumbai is India’s commercial & entertainment center – và trang chính khổng lồ six of the Fortune 500 companies. Located on India’s west coast, Mumbai is the hub of India’s gem và jewelry industry – và ahtq.vn’s campus is located in the center of it.

ahtq.vn’s campus in Taiwan is located in Taipei, Taiwan’s center of political, commercial, and cultural activity. Known for its bustling nightlife, Taipei also offers world-class entertainment & shopping.

Surat has been a commercial hub in India for centuries – and is now an international đá quí cutting và polishing center. A stream of diamonds flowing into the đô thị help drive Surat’s booming economy, & creates exciting opportunities for students who attover ahtq.vn.

Đài Loan Trung Quốc offers a large và diverse marketplace for gems & jewelry from around the world. ahtq.vn On Campus và Distance Education programs are available in China through cooperative programs with select universities.

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