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In their season opener, the Arizona Wildcats wasted no time showing why they’re national championship contenders, beating the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks, 101-67.

The Lumberjacks managed khổng lồ keep things relatively cthua early, shooting nearly 50 percent from the floor in the first half và trailing by only 13 at half.

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Before too long, though, Arizomãng cầu pulled away, extending the lead lớn more than 25. Sean Miller felt so comfortable that walk-on Jake DesJardins checked in with more than five minutes left. Miller rarely puts a walk-on in that early. Perhaps the absences of Keanu Pinder, Dylan Smith, and Brandon Randolph had something khổng lồ vì with that.

Arizona’s talent just couldn’t be stopped. Allonzo Trier finished with 32 points on only 13 shots, which seems impossible. He scored in every way imaginable — he made mid-range shots, he made threes, & he got khổng lồ the ryên at-will. He might be the best pure scorer in all of college basketball.

Deandre Ayton, meanwhile, put up an effortless double-double, finishing with 19 points & 12 rebounds in his first “official” collegiate game. He also finished with 3 blocks, even picking one up after switching onlớn an NAU guard on the perimeter, staying on his hip on the drive sầu, and swatting the shot away at the rlặng. Fellow freshman Alex Barcello also impressed, putting up 9 points to lớn go along with 3 assists.

Really, everyone contributed. Dusan Ristic put up 20 and even had 2 blocks, though his defense still needs work. Parker Jackson-Cartwright added 5 points và, more impressively 8 assists. And though he struggled from three, Emmanuel Akot put up 7 points và 5 rebounds while playing impressive defense.

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The Wildcats didn’t play perfect. In the first half, in particular, the defense let NAU score too often and too easily. NAU’s Isaiah Thomas (yes, there’s yet another one) finished with 11, và Gilbert native sầu Chris Bowling also had 11.

As the game went on, though, Arizona’s defense tightened, ultimately holding NAU lớn 39.7% from the floor, forcing 13 turnovers, &, most impressively, drawing 24 fouls. The Wildcats also leveraged their form size, outrebounding NAU 43-25.

Offensively, the Wildcats looked smooth. They utilized ball screens more than in past seasons, with Ayton và Ristic routinely running the pick and roll with Trier or Barcello. They moved the ball better than in past years, not hesitating to swing the ball around the perimeter. And they continued khổng lồ pass the ball well out of the post, with Ayton showing off with a one-handed touch pass from the post as he & Trier flawlessly executed the two-man game.

Maybe this game doesn’t tell us much. Arizomãng cầu routinely drubs NAU in these early season games - they won by 55 in the 2015-16 season & ended up losing in the first round of the NCAA Tournament to Wichita State.

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Still, Arizomãng cầu looked like a national championship contender, Trier looked lượt thích a national player of the year candidate, & Ayton looked like a potential No. 1 piông chồng in the NBA Draft. The sky is still the limit for these Wildcats.

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