Georgia games


“To develop, promote, operate và educate physical fitness, sports & health programs in Georgia.”

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Georgia Games exists to encourage involvement in amateur sports. Created in 1989, the Georgia State Games administers the annual Georgia Games Championships, an Olympic-style multi-sport festival. Known as the “People’s Games”, these Championships are open to Georgians of all ages and skill levels.

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(Updated 4.15.2021)

Registration is OPEN for Most sports!

We also need Many volunteers! Please sign up now!

Cliông chồng here:

updated 3.11.2021

The 2021 Georgia Games Championships WILL be held!

We are still planning for the 2021 events và programs! We are still continuing with our Go Fund Me Campaign khổng lồ help us out in order lớn bridge the loss of 100% of our 20đôi mươi funding!

We will also have various Covid alterations in 2021 so please continue to be patient!

On-line Registration is expected to open in late March 2021 for most events.

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Information on disease signs và symptoms:

CDC or WHO websites

College Student?

UNPAID Internships for Academic Credit!

We will be offering Summer Internships via In-Person & Hybrid positions.

We will continue our virtual internship beginning in the fall 2021.

Do you need an internship lớn graduate college?

Did your other sites get cancelled because of the current situation?

January, Summer & Fall Positions!

Can take Students in the following Majors or Interests.

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Marketing, Sales, & Fund RaisingPublic Relations, Social Media, Promotions, Social Media, Photography & VideoGraphic DesignSports, Recreation & Event ManagementGovernment Affairs/RelationsVolunteer ManagementComputer Science: Website, Database & App Design


Thể Thao Majors make sure to list more than just willing lớn vị sports as a viable project option to be considered for an internship. Relax there is a lot of cross over projects.

(Using Google Forms)


We are offering discounted Atlanta United Tickets for volunteers!

Thanks to lớn the generosity of Atlanta United, the Georgia Games can offer discounted tickets to friends and families of volunteers! You can receive the promo code in order lớn secure this offer by completing the VOLUNTEER FORM & sending it to info


Consider helping support the Georgia Games by donating your used/old vehicle to charity!

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