Alpha testing vs beta testing: what's the difference?


One cannot think about launching a game without passing it through the various stages of game testing. Any game, whether it involves high or low production cost, have to pass through these game testing stages.

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In this blog, we are going to lớn discuss these stages of game testing và its importance.

How the game developer and end user get benefit from it?

Alpha Testing

It is the phase of game testing where the game is still in the development phase along with which parallel testing is done to ensure that the game is developed without any glitches and is working smoothly without crashing. This stage requires intense documentation of hardware and software failure so that the game developers can fix it at earlier stages.

As a game tester, one is not going lớn have fun during this phase as the some of the major game functionality và Graphical UI may still be under development phase. However, a tester who loves to solve the game problem and tries to lớn bản đồ the solution for the betterment of the game will surely enjoy this phase. It is expected that the game tester provides some good piece of suggestions for further game development.


Beta Testing

During beta testing, the game is almost production ready with all the major issues being fixed. In this phase, the game testers are required lớn extensively find all the possible ways khổng lồ break the game along the lookout for all minor issues.

During Beta Testing, the game needs to lớn pass through many testing methodologies such as performance testing, căng thẳng testing, and game compliance testing. Tester runs the game seamlessly for hours together on many devices khổng lồ kiểm tra for any performance or server downfall.

As I say, a game is almost production ready; beta testing is done in two different ways.

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Open Beta Testing: Open test is when the beta version of the game is made available for everyone interested. This interested group will play the game a share the nhận xét khổng lồ the publisher. This process is also called as pre-release of the game software.

Closed Beta Testing: This testing is done only be the closed set of people who work closely with the game developers.

The issues or glitches found during beta testing is addressed before the game’s official launch.


Game Submission/Pre-Production Stage

In this stage, the game is ready to lớn be published và the game testers must confirm the final checkmenu of the game QA process before the game is actually pushed to lớn production.

Before moving inlớn the production, the tester needs to lớn run the game in the production environment khổng lồ ensure that there are no broken codes. This phase also involves game compliance kiểm tra and certification.

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trò chơi testing is not as easy as its sound since it passes through the many phases. Only a good game tester or game testing vendor will be able lớn progress the game seamlessly from one phase khổng lồ another.

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