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5.56mm Galil ACE models 21, 22 & 23 rifles (from top to bottom).image: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd.

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7.62×39 Galil ACE Model 32 rifle.image: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd.

7.62×51 Galil ACE Model 52 rifle.image: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd.

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Data for Galil ACE trăng tròn, 21, 22 rifles

Galil ACE 21Galil ACE 22Galil ACE 23
Caliber5.56×45 NATO
ActionGas operated, rotating bolt
Overall length (butt extended / collapsed)730 / 650 mm847 / 767 mm975 / 875 mm
Barrel length215 mm332 mm460 mm
Weight2.8 kg3.3 kg3.44 kg
Rate of fire~ 700 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity35 rounds

Data for Galil ACE 31, 32 rifles

Galil ACE 31Galil ACE 32
Caliber7.62×39 M43
ActionGas operated, rotating bolt
Overall length (butt extended / collapsed)730 / 650 mm895 / 815 mm
Barrel length215 mm380 mm
Weight2.95 kg3.4 kg
Rate of fire~ 650 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity30 rounds

Data for Galil ACE 52, 53 rifles

Galil ACE 52Galil ACE 53
Caliber7.62×51 NATO
ActionGas operated, rotating bolt
Overall length (butt extended / collapsed)935 / 855 mm1043 / 963 mm
Barrel length400 mm508 mm
Weight3.56 kg3.69 kg
Rate of fire~ 650 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity25 rounds

The Galil ACE rifles are the new generation of the famous Israeli Galil assault rifles. The Galil ACE represents full product line of military rifles in world’s three most popular calibers (5.56×45 NATO, 7.62×39 M43 và 7.62×51 NATO) made in full spectrum of configurations, from compact carbine và up lớn long barreled marksman rifle. All Galil ACE rifles feature same basic design, based on combat-proven Galil action, and feature same array of ergonomic enhancements, including ambidextrous controls, adjustable telescoping buttstocks, comfortable pistol grips, integral Picatinny rails etc. The 5.56 milimet version of the Galil ACE assault rifle is adopted by Colombian army, and is manufactured under the Israeli license by Colombian government-owned factory Indumil.

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The Galil ACE rifle is gas operated, select-fire weapon. It uses long-stroke gas operated action with gas piston located above sầu the barrel. Locking is achieved by rotating bolt with dual locking lugs. The receiver is machined from steel, with polymer magazine housing / pistol grip unit attached below. The detachable stamped steel receiver cover houses an integral Picatinny rail and rear sight base. The charging handle is located on the left side of the receiver và is attached directly to lớn the bolt carrier. To provide maximum protection from dust and dirt at all times, the charging handle slot is covered with spring-loaded dust cover which opens và closes after each shot automatically. The safety/fire mode seelctor is duplicated at both sides of the weapon, & has better shape when copmared to lớn predecessors. Feed is from detachable box magazines; the NATO caliber versions (in 5.56 & 7.62 mm) use standard Galil magazines with 35- và 25-round capcaity, respectively. The 7.62×39 versions use standard AK magazines with 30-round capacity. Standard sighting equipment includes protected front post (adjustable for zeroing) và protected flip-up type rear diopter sight. A wide array of modern optical sights can be installed on the integral Picatinny rail. All Galil ACE rifles (except for sub-compact ACE 21 và ACE 31 carbines) also feature a bayonet lug on the barrel.

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