Final fantasy awakening


Final Fantasy The Awakening is a sản phẩm điện thoại ARPG set in Orience where the actions & choices of a player shape the story. Recruit different characters, outfit them with weapon & armor loadouts, & jump into lớn real-time combat.

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Publisher: Square EnixType: di động ARPGRelease Date: December 14, năm 2016 (China)Shut Down: May 2020Pros: +Dynamic story. +Take up khổng lồ four characters inlớn battle. +Sumtháng one of six different gods inkhổng lồ battle.Cons: -Cluttered interface. -Limited PvP options.


Final Fantasy The Awakening Overview

Players enter the world of Orience in Final Fantasy The Awakening, a thiết bị di động MMOARPG that inherits the story behind the Japan-exclusive Final Fantasy Type-0 for PSP. Experience both a single-player RPG game và PvPhường gameplay in The Awakening. Unravel the tale in The Awakening through the campaign, acquiring a variety of characters with different skills & personalities. Shape the development of the main story"s progression with decisions and choices. Form teams of up khổng lồ four characters and dive sầu inlớn real-time battles. Equip characters with different weapons, armor, và accessories to lớn improve combat effectiveness. Sumtháng one of six gods called Eidolons in battle, enhancing và leveling them lớn increase their stats. Enjoy story cutscenes utilizing the Unity 3 chiều engine, along with animations for each character"s ult & Eidolon summons. Bvà together with other players in guilds and compete in different PvP modes.

Final Fantasy The Awakening Key Features:

Shape the Story – impact the story development in The Awakening through your decisions.

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Cast of Characters – obtain characters through the story, each with different skills, stats, và personas. Take up to four inkhổng lồ battle.Equip Your Team – outfit characters with weapons, armor, and accessories khổng lồ prepare them for combat.Sumtháng Gods – charge up a meter in battles to sumtháng Eidolons, or gods.

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Guilds and PvP – work with other players in guilds and compete in a variety of PvP modes.

Final Fantasy The Awakening Screenshots

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