Final fantasy vii the first soldier

Final Fantasy VII Remake looks incredible, let"s be honest. This is one of the best looking games khổng lồ come lớn any platsize, and the moments it recreates from the original game are crafted with so much love & detail that it"s hard not to get nostalgic, even if you"ve sầu never actually the original.

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But it"s not all perfect. Far from it. Anything reimagining of a classic is going to lớn be met with some push baông chồng from fans, and the Final Fantasy VII Remake is no different. Things have sầu been changed here, added, filled out, và made much, much longer. It takes hours to lớn get through the first couple of bombing runs in Final Fantasy VII Remake, while it takes mere moments lớn phối the second bomb in the original game.


Now, it adds a lot of great nội dung that fans are sure khổng lồ adore, but it also adds nonsense, long tunnels, and ounces of padding lớn fill out the experience. It"s nice khổng lồ finally be able to lớn explore Midgar, but who knew they would purposely make it a tedious experience?

That sounds more negative than it should because Final Fantasy VII Remake still has a lot to offer any người chơi. But if you want the true experience, you need khổng lồ see the original that everyone celebrates, and wouldn"t you know it, you can play it on both iOS and Android devices right now.

Here are five sầu key reasons that you should play the original Final Fantasy VII on mobile devices instead of the new Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Well this is important for any portable gamer: playing games on the move, whenever you wish. Final Fantasy VII on mobile doesn"t require on online connection or anything like that (bless classic games) so you can play it as much as you want, và when you"re done, you can put it in sleep mode.

Pull it up again on the bus, during lunch, on the nhà vệ sinh at work, or during this coronavi khuẩn quarantine, just while sat on the sofa as Netflix movies play in background.

This is just an ikhuyến mãi, comfortable way khổng lồ play games, & right now, Final Fantasy VII Remake is only available on PS4, meaning the closest thing you"ll get to playing it portably is by remote playing through a PS Vita. And believe sầu me, it"s just not worth it.


The most controversial point regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake? Well, it"s not the complete story - it is only a mere fraction of the total story.

Despite it being a full-priced game, you will only be enjoying a small sliver of the story Final Fantasy VII has to offer, & it will be many more years, & several more full game purchases, before the remaining story is adapted into lớn the remake.

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So, you want khổng lồ get the entire Final Fantasy VII story? The classic game is the best way lớn go. Which is made even easier on sản phẩm điện thoại, thanks khổng lồ our next point…


If you want the story of Final Fantasy VII, not so much the turn-based combat, then you might be somewhat missing the point, but that doesn"t mean you can"t have your way.

In Final Fantasy VII on sản phẩm điện thoại you have the option of speeding up the battles, the text, everything about the game can just go a bit faster, save sầu for the exploration itself.

In addition to that, you actually have sầu the option khổng lồ turn off random encounters entirely, or go even further và max out the stats of all your characters from the very first moment of the game, making any remaining encounters zero challenge at all.


If you haven"t played Final Fantasy VII Remake yet, then you really can"t fathom how many long tunnels and boring dungeons litter the game, preventing your linear progression.

In order to extover the original few hours of the original game past thirty hours in the remake, the developers have sầu decided khổng lồ fill the game with a lot of lengthy tunnels và linear paths that take a lot of time to navigate.

Well, the original is clear of these larger, more tedious tunnels, and instead you find quite straightforward areas and puzzles, punctuated by random encounters alone.


This is the crux of the matter: Final Fantasy VII is being remade because it is heralded as one of the greatest games of all time, and even if the remake is eventually finished và celebrated just as much, it won"t be the same.

Art isn"t something that ages with technology, it"s something which is timeless, & if you could enjoy Final Fantasy VII in any way, I"d suggest doing it as a 13-year-old, sat in a darkened room, up close to lớn a 14" CRT TV, plugged into lớn a PlayStation.

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But seeing as that"s a bit awkward, playing the original game, in any way you can, is better than nothing, & Final Fantasy VII on thiết bị di động devices is a great way lớn vị so.


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