Top 15 fight scenes in one piece, ranked

Top 15 Fight Scenes in One Piece, Ranked One Piece has had a bunch of awesome fight scenes over the years. Here are the best we"ve seen so far.

Eiichiro Oda"s One Piece is currently Shounen Jump"s lead series, and it has managed khổng lồ captivate its fans through the years with detailed world-building and consistent character work. Unlike its contemporaries, a lot of the One Piece story doesn"t focus on fights, but that doesn"t mean that they"re not interesting in one way or another, as the series adds its own characteristic eccentrithành phố lớn an anime trope that many may have thought was one and done.

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This danh sách will be running down the best fights within the series. Some of them have earned their spot for pure spectacle. Others for story importance. And there"s that grand few that are here just for their ridiculousness & intrigue. Prepare for SPOILERS below.

Updated September 22, 20đôi mươi by Sean Cubillas: One Piece is the Shounen series that never sleeps. With a constant pulse to lớn every punch, these characters are always fighting. With the Wano Arc picking up in both the manga and anime, plenty of action has graced the fanbase, much to lớn their delight. Now more than ever, the series is getting people to lớn look baông chồng at some of the story"s best fights.

Proof that the Wano Arc is building up khổng lồ be one of the series" best, it already has a strong contender for one of One Piece"s greachạy thử fights ever. As Princess Hiyori desperately tries to lớn bring Toko và herself lớn safety, there just is no escaping Kamazo the Manslayer, the secret assassin of Orochi"s forces. However, he was very much stopped và by none other than Zoro himself.

It wasn"t an easy battle, though. Both guys had blades on the other"s throat in a heated exchange. And while the manga does deserve sầu some credit for bringing this interaction together, the anime gets all honors, as it took some budget destroying animation khổng lồ really bring this fight to life.

14 Luffy vs. Donquixote Doflamingo

Few One Piece villains have sầu had as much build-up or developed as much intimate terror as Donquixote Doflamingo. Literally born powerful và evil, the future troll of all the Blues entered the One Piece world on a rampage. Doflamingo has sold drugs, profited off of war, enslaved people as toys, and has even killed members of his own family.

When Luffy finally stepped up lớn bat, it was a grvà crescenvị of catharsis for those just wanting someone to lớn wipe off Doflamingo"s self-centered smirk. This was another Warlord battle for Luffy, as he faced someone that was both a natural Haki user và an Awakened Devil Fruit user. Having to pull out all the stops, this fight is most iconic for the debut of Gear Fourth and the King Kong Gun.

While he is part of the Monster Trio, Sanji hasn"t had a lot of iconic fights in the series or, at least, those that are well-remembered by the fans. It always seems like Luffy and Zoro are at the forefront of the conversation, while the fighting chef is just left to wait tables. However, during the Enies Lobby Arc, everyone had their time to lớn shine, and Sanji finally gave fans the epic bout that they were waiting for.

His opponent was Jabra, one of the toughest members of CP9, a Zoan Devil Fruit user, & a devilish liar. He made sure that Sanji didn"t leave sầu this fight unscathed, but Sanji came out with a few, burning surprises of his own.

12 Luffy vs. Eneru

There is some ambiguity in this fight given that Luffy primarily won due to plot convenience. However, it deserves plenty of merit for the inherent drama và action of the fight itself. Eneru is one of the most overpowered characters in the series as a whole. He can move sầu at light tốc độ, control lightning, reshape metal, restart his own heart, và even use Observation Haki.

Eneru was a New World cấp độ force that Luffy was seeing in his early game. While he could certainly touch Eneru, Luffy had khổng lồ be extra creative here just to lớn be able khổng lồ keep up with the godlike force.

This fight is going to have sầu a special place in every One Piece fan"s heart. If people weren"t into this series before, they were definitely drawn in by the time Luffy"s sandals met Arlong"s face. Arlong was the first example of a truly despicable villain in One Piece. He enslaved an entire community and contributed lớn the direct trauma of one of Luffy"s future navigators.

On top of that, he is also part of an elite race with superhuman strength, masterful swimming abilities, và some water bending abilities. Arlong himself carried a giant saw và had teeth that could break jaws. With strength in mind alone, this was already going khổng lồ be an epic fight, but it really reached greatness given the story behind it.

10 Whitebeard vs. Akainu

To save the captain of his second division, Whitebeard has lead an all out assault on "Firefist" Ace"s execution day and is charging through the battlefield himself like the human earthquake that he is. Trying lớn stop hlặng is one of the more callous Marines within the One Piece world, the svào believer of justice at any cost, Admiral "Akainu" Sakazuki, who, lượt thích other Marines, believes that Ace"s execution is a message lớn the entire pirate world that the World Government stands above all else.

What ensues is a fast-paced, incredibly dynamic fight that sees Akainu put Whitebeard through one of the grittier moments in the manga (Let"s just say that the anime burns just half of Whitebeard"s mustache), & Whitebeard shatters and bury the red dog of the Marines.

Acting as the catalyst for the war above sầu và several other moments in the One Piece story, the fight between Portgas D. Ace and "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach is both a pivotal moment and a well-choreographed fight. Ace has been hunting down Blackbeard throughout the series up until this point, wanting to lớn punish hyên for murdering Whitebeard"s Third Division Captain, Thatch, and betraying the Whitebeard Pirates.

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Blackbeard reveals that he did it lớn take the Darkness Darkness Fruit away from Thatch, launching his own long running plot for pirate supremacy. From here, the two begin a fight that tears up an entire town.

8 Cyborg Franky vs. Senor Pink

This one really snuck up on fans. Who knew that Oda could even make people feel for man in babywear và a speedo? In what initially seemed lượt thích an offh& fight became one of the major highlights of the Dressrosa Arc, as Eiichiro Odomain authority really showed off what it means khổng lồ be hard-boiled. Despite how they look, Franky and Senor Pink are both stoic, tough characters.

After firing an onslaught of missiles & bullets at the evasive sầu l& swimming of Senor Pink, Franky decides lớn bring the fight to lớn pure, physical action. While both khuyến mãi incredibly dramatic attacks, the major highlight is the middle of the fight as Senor Pink sinks khổng lồ a flashbachồng of his lost love và child, the very essence of his baby demeanor và hardboiled nature.

Taking on the bounty hunting organization that is Baroque Works, Zoro goes one on one with the organization"s #1 assailant và hallmark bounty hunter, Daz Bones.

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While Zoro has been building up sword fighting skills up until this point, he hasn"t quite fought off someone as versatile as Daz, who has eaten the Dice Dice Fruit, allowing hyên ổn khổng lồ turn any part of his body toàn thân into lớn a blade which subsequently makes his entire body toàn thân inlớn steel, a real stepping stone for Zoro"s cutting ability. What follows is an over the top fight that sees the two chop up buildings like vegetables and each other lượt thích buildings.

6 Luffy vs. "Mr. 0" Sir Crocodile

Perhaps even greater than Zoro"s fight during the arc was Luffy"s conclusive battle against the 80,000,000 bounty man of Baroque Works, Sir Crocodile. Crocodile has been plotting to lớn usurp the Alabasta regime and has launched an entire conspiracy khổng lồ create civil war. Monkey D. Luffy tries khổng lồ stop him in protection of his newfound ally, Princess Nefertari Vivi, & the good of the entire kingdom.

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It"s Luffy"s biggest battle yet, as he faces off against one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea & a greater master of their own Devil Fruit. This fight sees Luffy"s first loss, an evolution of Devil Fruits, và Crocodile getting straight up punched through a city & inkhổng lồ the sky.

Despite what some people may think, the Straw Hats don"t often fight together, which makes the few that they do harrowing experiences, as is the case with their introduction to the Pacifista. A newfound công nghệ by the World Government, Pacifistas are pirate hunting cyborgs designed after the Warlord Bartholomew Kuma và equipped with enough giải pháp công nghệ to value a battleship.

They"re super svào, have sầu pirate seeking targeting systems, and destructive lasers coming out of their mouths. This battle pushes the Straw Hats khổng lồ their absolute limit, as each one uses some of their best moves to take down just one of the World Government"s robot army.

4 Luffy vs. Usopp

There are few fights in One Piece, let alone in the entirety of anime, that feel as close & personal as the infighting between Luffy và Usopp. Luffy made the executive decision khổng lồ bởi away with the beloved Going Merry và find a newer ship, much khổng lồ the disgruntlement of Usopp.

Not only was the Going Merry a present from his hometown & first love Kaya, but the seemingly blasé decision to throw out the ship seems like a calling thẻ for Usopp himself lớn later be replaced. What ensues is the heart-shattering break up of a family, as Luffy và Usopp come to lớn deathly blows to the horror of the rest of the Straw Hats. It"s a hard one to lớn watch and lớn miss.

Bringing things back lớn the lighter side of the fight scene spectrum, One Piece reaches a fight that not only elevates its chief swordsmen but encapsulates the quality balance of spectacle và humor that only One Piece can achieve sầu. During the Ennies Lobby arc, the Straw Hats are hunting down different members of CP9 to lớn get a h& of any of the one keys that can không lấy phí a chained Niteo Robin.

Zoro"s responsibility is to lớn take on Kaku, a secret assassin, master of the Rokushiki martial arts và four sword style, và a giraffe man. Surprisingly enough, that last bit turns out khổng lồ be the most dangerous, as they come to lớn a fight that is equal parts epic as it is hilarious. Please, vì chưng not underestimate the power of a giraffe!

2 Luffy vs. Rob Lucci

Usurping Zoro"s fights one again, Monkey D. Luffy takes the major highlight of the arc, as he fights the leader of CP9 and prodigy weapon, Rob Lucci. What really makes this fight so special despite what it stands for in the arc as a whole is that it is the first of Luffy"s fights to be purely decided by physical action.

This fight sees Luffy dish out new powers & techniques và come to a pure fist fight match that many may not have sầu been expecting but assuredly wanted more of in the future, as it perfectly & intimately captured the drama & conflict of a person"s vie for freedom as it comes to lớn beings of absolute justice.

As Luffy tries khổng lồ rescue Sanji from Whole Cake Island, he comes face to face with someone that he deems his greatest demo for advancing as a pirate, Charlotte Katakuri, someone who"s Devil Fruit not only mirrors Luffy"s but also carries a heightened size of Observation Haki that lets hyên see into the future.

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This fight sees an incredible rise for Luffy as he battles a seemingly indomitable force overmatch hlặng blow for blow as well as a battle of philosophy, as both fights for their respective sầu families. It"s an amazing fight in the manga & a major upphối for the animation that is definitely worth any người going out of their way to lớn see.

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