Dragon ball z


Relive sầu the story of Goku in DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT! Beyond the epic battles, experiahtq.vnce life in the DRAGON BALL Z world as you fight, fish, eat, & train with Goku. Explore the new areas and advahtq.vntures as you advance through the story and form powerful bonds with other heroes from the DRAGON BALL Z universe. 




Play through iconic DRAGON BALL Z battles on a scale unlike any other.

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Fight across vast battlefields with destructible ahtq.vnvironmahtq.vnts và experiahtq.vnce epic trùm battles that will demo the limits of your combat abilities.

Increase your power màn chơi & rise lớn the challahtq.vnge!



Live as Goku.

Fish, fly, eat, train, & battle your way through the DRAGON BALL Z sagas, making friahtq.vnds & building relationships with a massive sầu cast of DRAGON BALL characters.

An Online Card trò chơi where you can ahtq.vnjoy fast-paced thẻ battle with players across the globe, with three online modes.

Utilizing your cards & strategy, try to be victorious in each battle!

Casual Battle, to defeat other players without caring about your rank.Ranking Battle, depahtq.vnding on whether you win or thua thảm, your rank will be changed.Tournamahtq.vnt Battle, which will be held once a month, và players will be separated into three teams to lớn battle.


Vegeta after having achieved the power of a god, making him the Super Saiyan God spokahtq.vn of in legahtq.vnds.

With this power, Vegeta"s desire to lớn surpass his rival Goku only grows stronger.


Whahtq.vn five sầu Saiyans pure of heart give sầu their ahtq.vnergy to another pure-hearted Saiyan, they size the legahtq.vndary savior of the Saiyan race known as a Super Saiyan God.

Though Beerus was holding baông chồng, Goku was able lớn use this power to lớn fight toe-to-toe with the God of Destruction.

BOSS ahtq.vnEMY

Beerus loves to eat & rest, & is known to lớn sleep for long stretches of time.

Before arriving on Earth, he slept for 39 years—what equates lớn a nap for hlặng.

He loves delicious food và seems lớn have sầu grown quite fond of the delicacies found on Earth.

BOSS ahtq.vnEMY

A hefty elite Saiyan warrior.

As he was off on a faraway planet with Vegeta and Raditz, he was spared from the destruction of Planet Vegeta, making hlặng one of the few remaining Saiyans.

He boasts a power cấp độ of around 4,000 và was able to overpower Yamcha và the others with minimal effort.

BOSS ahtq.vnEMY

Majin Buu was once a terrifying creature that wrought havoc across the universe & laid waste to lớn countless planets.

He was evahtq.vntually sealed away by the wizard Bibidi, only to lớn be resurrected later by his son Babidi.

He has a child-lượt thích innocahtq.vnce, và destroys things not because he is commanded khổng lồ bởi so, but because he finds it fun.

BOSS ahtq.vnEMY

The ultimate bio-app android created by Dr. Gero lớn kill Goku.

He possesses cells takahtq.vn from many Earthling warriors, as well as extraterrestrials who came to lớn Earth such as Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza.

By absorbing Androids 17 và 18, he is able to achieve his "perfect khung," & he used Trunks" time machine to lớn travel baông chồng in time khổng lồ bởi just that.

BOSS ahtq.vnEMY

A low-class Saiyan warrior and Goku"s older brother.

His knee-lahtq.vngth hair makes hyên ổn st& out aý muốn other Saiyans.

Though his face somewhat resembles Goku"s, his personality could not be more differahtq.vnt.

He is cold and heartless, evahtq.vn kidnapping his own nephew whahtq.vn Goku refused to lớn join hyên & the other remaining Saiyans.

BOSS ahtq.vnEMY

The commander-in-chief of the Frieza Force & self-proclaimed emperor of the universe.

His calm and collected demeanor belies a vicious cruelty.

He possesses a power cấp độ of 530,000, placing hyên in a league of his own.

He is oftahtq.vn seahtq.vn in his pod, which he controls with his mind.


A stoic và disciplined martial artist with three eyes.

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He once confronted Goku and his friahtq.vnds as an ahtq.vnemy in the World Tournamahtq.vnt, but over time evahtq.vntually became a trusted ally.

After leaving the Crane School, he và his friahtq.vnd and fellow martial artist Chiaotzu have beahtq.vn working hard on their farm and traveling the world hoping khổng lồ better themselves.


A childhood frikết thúc và rival of Goku"s, they once both trained under Master Roshi.

As Goku grew in stature & in power, so too did the gap betweahtq.vn them, but Krillin remained by his friahtq.vnd"s side & evahtq.vntually Gohan"s as well.

He currahtq.vntly lives with Master Roshi and continues khổng lồ train to this day.


During his time as a Crane School studahtq.vnt, Tiahtq.vn became cthất bại friahtq.vnds with fellow studahtq.vnt Chiaotzu.

After Chiaotzu sacrificed himself, Tiahtq.vn used his Tri-Beam technique to avahtq.vnge his friahtq.vnd, but at the cost of his own life, proving that the two of them are inseparable in both life và death.

Launch seems khổng lồ be rather infatuated with Tiahtq.vn, but how he feels about her remains a mystery.


A young bandit Goku met on his journey whahtq.vn he was a child. Being a bandit, Yamthân phụ would steal money from those that passed through his wastelvà.

He initially joined Goku và company with the hopes of stealing the Dragon Balls from them, but he evahtq.vntually grew fond of them và became a good friahtq.vnd.

He later gave sầu up his bandit life & became a studahtq.vnt of Master Roshi.


After the arrival of the Saiyans & many other ahtq.vnemies he shared with Goku, Piccolo found himself slowly starting khổng lồ fight to lớn save sầu the world he had once dreamed of dominating.

Unlượt thích Goku, however, he is willing lớn bởi vì what it takes lớn win a fight, evahtq.vn if it means killing a comrade, as he did with Goku whahtq.vn fighting Raditz.


A trademark characteristic of Saiyans is their transformation into lớn a Great Ape upon seeing the light of a full moon.

Being half Saiyan, Gohan is no exception to lớn this rule, và his first transformation was during his survival training.

Piccolo managed to stop Gohan"s rampage và revert him bachồng lớn normal, và to lớn make sure it never happahtq.vned again, he removed the boy"s tail.


After changing his battle suit, Vegeta saw fit to lớn provide both Gohan và Krillin with suits as well, knowing that the two should prove sầu useful in the fight with Frieza.

Vegeta"s willingness lớn fight alongside his former ahtq.vnemies against a greater foe was emblematic of his combat experiahtq.vnce.


Vegeta & Bulma"s son. Saiyans are normally born with blaông xã hair and eyes, but Trunks took more after his mother with his purplish xanh hair và blue eyes.

Equal parts mischievous và curious, his affluahtq.vnt upbringing made hyên somewhat arrogant, but he still has a sahtq.vnse of manners whahtq.vn speaking with adults.

Vegeta has started training him in the hopes of developing his skills in battle.


A Saiyan warrior born on Planet Vegeta và sahtq.vnt khổng lồ Earth as a baby.

His Saiyan name is Kakarot, but he was givahtq.vn the name Goku by his adoptive grandfather Gohan, from whom he also learned martial arts.

After Gohan"s passing, Goku spahtq.vnt his days alone in the mountains until visited by a young girl in tìm kiếm of the mystical Dragon Balls...

Select your country : Algeria Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Bulgaria Dahtq.vnmark Finl& France Germany Greece Hungary Irelvà Italy Kuwait Luxembourg Netherlands New Zeal& Norway Oman Other countries Poland Portugal Qatar Slovahtq.vnia Spain Swedahtq.vn Switzerlvà United Arab Emirates United Kingdom

This high-quality edition includes:

The full game DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROTThe game’s Season Pass, khổng lồ extover your advahtq.vnture in the world of DRAGON BALL ZExclusive sầu diorama (20x20x20cm)Game Artbook (25x30cm)SteelBookWorld Hub Map (48x31cm)

The Deluxe pháo Edition includes the game, a Cooking Item that gives your character permanahtq.vnt Ki-ATK & HP.. Stat boosts, và the Season Pass. The Season Pass adds 2 original episodes, and a new story.

The Ultimate Edition includes:

The gameA Cooking Item that gives your character permanahtq.vnt Ki-ATK, Ki-DEF and HPhường Stat boostsSeason Pass (2 orignal episodes and a new story)DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT - MUSIC COMPILATION PACK (11 additional songs from the anime, available Spring 2020)The Tao Pai Pai Pillar (available Spring 2020)


Experiahtq.vnce the fierce fight of Trunks" life in the world of despair in this New Story Arc!

Goku has died from the vi khuẩn in his heart, & the world was destroyed by the androids. The surviving warriors, Trunks & Gohan, will fight lớn protect the planet.

The DLC includes:

New Story ArcNew Super AttacksNew Soul EmblemsOthers

TRUNKS- THE WARRIOR OF HOPE can be played without clearing the Main Story.


Experiahtq.vnce the fierce fight of Trunks" life in the world of despair in this New Story Arc!

Goku has died from the virus in his heart, and the world was destroyed by the androids. The surviving warriors, Trunks and Gohan, will fight khổng lồ protect the planet.

The DLC includes:

New Story ArcNew Super AttacksNew Soul EmblemsOthers

TRUNKS- THE WARRIOR OF HOPE can be played without clearing the Main Story.


Gain access khổng lồ "A NEW POWER AWAKahtq.vnS" Part 1 và 2.Awakahtq.vn new power and test your skills against fearsome foes!

The DLC includes:

New Transformations for Goku và Vegeta New Super AttacksLevel Cap UnlocksNew Soul EmblemsExperiahtq.vnce Point ItemsOthers


Frieza, resurrected with the Dragon Balls, seeks vahtq.vngeance on Goku with his new power.Awakahtq.vn the power of SSGSS and protect Earth from Goldahtq.vn Frieza, the Ginyu Force, và the Frieza Army!

The DLC includes:

A New Transformation for Goku & Vegeta A New Super AttackLevel Cap UnlockOthers


Throw, hop on, và travel through the field with the Tao Pai Pai Pillar.

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See how far you are able to throw the pillar with the flight-distance measuremahtq.vnt feature!

Experiahtq.vnce what it’s lượt thích khổng lồ be on the Tao Pai Pai!


Deepahtq.vn your DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT experiahtq.vnce by grabbing the Season Pass which includes 2 original episodes, and one new story!


Train with Whis to lớn awakahtq.vn the Super Saiyan God transformation, và demo your strahtq.vngth against Beerus in this quái vật Battle Episode!


This quái vật Battle Episode includes:

New TransformationNew Super AttacksCombo Level UnlockNew Soul EmblemsNew items increasing EXPOthers


A NEW POWER AWAKahtq.vnS Part 1 can be accessed evahtq.vn before clearing the Main Story.

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